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Urban Armor Gear : Trooper iPhone Case FirstLook

UAG Trooper Series

iPhone cases come in a dizzying varieties of styles, colors, and materials. Companies have been launched and people have made silly amount of money because they came up with a “better” case. They can add functions, features, and personalities to the iPhone in ways that are useful or outrageous.

We at RainyDayMagazine have looked at our share of cases over the years. Those cases whose style and features we liked, we used. The ones that didn’t live up to expectations were given to people somewhat less critical.

In the past year or so we have been “going commando,” not because we didn’t have cases we liked, but because we were constantly attaching lenses and other gadgets to the iPhone. Having it in a case just got in the way. However, that attitude morphed a bit when Urban Armor Gear’s (UAG) new Trooper case showed up for a RainyDay FirstLook.


Here are the features of the UAG Trooper Case:



Note that the UAG Trooper is not a thin case, but you are getting excellent drop & shock protection for the extra bulk. Also, you are getting a card wallet/hidden compartment (OK, not very hidden, but a compartment nonetheless).


While the cover to the back is stiff, the case itself is made of a thick shock-absorbing material. It has enough give to allow the phone to slide in easily. The lip around the perimeter holds the phone firmly and securely in place.  The hinges for the lid are quite robust and have no play. The lid opens flat, but will not fold back any further than that. A cool feature would have been if the cover could have doubled as a stand. Maybe the next version…


There are cutouts for the ports and we had no problem inserting the power cord or headphones. The buttons nibs were raised and easy to press. All four corners have extra padding for drop protection. The overall package was very comfortable to hold. We did have a small problem with fingerprint recognition because the ridge near the button changed how we placed our finger on the button, but after adding some new prints, the problem went away.


The storage compartment is deep enough to house four credit cards, but we used the extra space for a license and a few business cards. We noticed UAG added some retaining tabs  on the sides (red arrow) to hold the cards in place. The tabs ensure the cards will not accidentally fall out when opening the cover. A very functional detail which must have come from testing 🙂


While the Trooper is not the only case on the market with pockets or a compartment for credit cards, we feel its “storage is on the back of phone” is the best approach. This allows the phone to be used without first having to flip open the cover like most “folio-style” cases.

While some users may like the idea of a protective cover for the screen, we have found it to be a major hassle in reality, as access to the screen occurs much more often than the need to get at the cards.

We have a few of these Trooper cases in FirstUse and InTheWild testing at the moment and will share our thoughts after the Summer. Look for it in the Fall.

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