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Shobu Aikido Of Boston : Children Classes

The  study of Aikido is a life-long pursuit. Some have the good fortune to start the journey when they are young. Others do not begin until they are in their forties. To encourage and promote this non-competitive martial art to the young, Shobu Aikido of Boston introduced the Children/Family Program in 2011. This year, for a limited time, they are offering the program at a reduced price of $50/month. Siblings may join at 1/2 price and parents may attend for FREE! This is an incredible deal.

Regardless of when one starts, Aikido is practiced in a way which students help each other to learn and improve in the study of this incredible martial art. We urge all who are interested to go watch a class, feel the vibe, and talk to the students. Shobu Aikido of Boston is a wonderful place to begin the journey.

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