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Shobu Aikido of Boston: 35-year Anniversary Gasshuku

Spring Training with Saotome Shihan

The weather was perfect, the energy was spirited, and the classes over the three days were all taught by Saotome Shihan. What a wonderful weekend of training with all the folks who attended Shobu Aikido of Boston’s 35-year Anniversary Gasshuku!!!

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Students from all over the country (Ohio, Hawaii, Washington DC, Maine, Vermont, etc) came to train and to join Shobu Aikido of Boston in celebrating Gleason Shihan’s 35th year of teaching Aikido. We had a great time catching up with everyone and look forward to getting together again in the Summer.


Gasshuku (extended training) at Shobu Aikido of Boston are held quarterly. They are different than regular classes in that the training starts on Friday evening and continues to Sunday morning. The continuity is helpful with focus and concentration. It is also a great opportunity to train intensely over a longer period without distraction.


There are no tournaments, competition, or different color belts in Aikido. Aikido is not a sport and it definitely is not passive. It is, at its heart, a martial art. It’s rooted in battlefield sword techniques honed from centuries of war. The path of Aikido is about studying how to “resolve” conflict without inflicting damage…choosing to “give life,” rather than “take life.” Some call this approach peaceful. We like to think of it as exercising self-control. Those in Boston interested in learning more about Aikido should definitely stop by Shobu Aikido of Boston and observe a class. It will not only change how you deal with the world, it will change you.

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