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Happy Chinese New Year : Year of the Goat/Sheep/Ram


The posting of the ink drawing of the Chinese New Year ram this morning jump-started the right side of my brain. I liked how the painter integrated the horns of the ram into the calligraphy for the character in the drawing…so I decided to take the idea and give it a try.


It didn’t take long for me to realized that even Milo was embarrassed with my out-of-practice brush strokes. Clearly I needed to first be able to properly write the actual character before trying for the artistic version of it. Fortunately, like riding a bike, muscle memory does slowly come back to the fore and things started to look more balanced.


Of course, as I have learned in Aikido, being able to do the basics is a far cry from being able to go “free style.” For now, I’m happy with being able to make six proper strokes in one sitting without it looking like I have had too much coffee. We’ll see how things go after lunch…



After “a few” tries, I am satisfy with this one. The strokes are spirited and I like how the “horns” came out… a bit more ram than sheep. Happy New Year everyone !!!

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