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Urban Safari: The Clam Box at Wollaston Beach

Seaside Dining on the South Shore

When The Clam Box on Wollaston Beach opens its doors for the season on the first weekend of March, we are so there.  It’s our signal that Winter is almost over—this is New England, sometimes Winter doesn’t end until June…

Mother Nature chose to mark this year’s opening day with a little Nor’easter, and we were not amused. Awestruck, but not amused.

We dutifully/eagerly showed up at the ‘Box on opening day only to be greeted with a sign that read “Sorry. Maybe 4 PM.” The entire road along the beach was closed, the nor’easter of the previous day having heaved an immense amount of sand and debris and water up and over the sea wall, sluicing onto Wollaston Boulevard (renamed Quincy Shore Drive but nobody calls it that except Google Maps), sheeting down  streets and into people’s basements…oh, it was just a mess.

Here is a clip of the waves that opening day. The normally expansive beach had disappeared and the ocean was lapping at the wall.

Two months passed before we had a chance to head back to The Clam Box. Sad face. Sad, sad, sad face.

They call it “flotsam and jetsam.” We call it “sea junk.”

On that day, the sun was high, the beach had “returned,” and people were out walking and feeding french fries to their dogs. The March storms were a memory, and it was a gorgeous Spring day—for the first lobster roll of the year! Smiley, smiley smiley face(s)!

THIS is the way Wollaston Beach should look – like it has a beach!

The outside tables and umbrellas looked inviting, but the mid-50ºs temperature and light breeze made it just a tad too brisk to al fresco it that day. Bummed-not-bummed—because now we’ll have to go back!

Bright but chilly outside

This is our perfect meal at the Clam Box (although you are certainly entitled to yours):

  • Lobster roll
  • Fried whole-belly clams
  • Onion rings
  • Cole slaw

And if you are a vegetarian, onion rings + cole slaw = a perfect lunch out at The Clam Box. Throw in a side salad if you feel the need to be “healthy.”

The RainyDayMagazine crew typically make around four trips to Wollaston Beach every year (it’s that close).  It’s a wonderful gem a few miles from the office, and offers up flavors of the Cape without the 3-hour drive. And, it has a unique and fantastic view of Boston.

No wonder we call it the Cape Cod of the South Shore!

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