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Surf N’ Shack LastTaste

Just as good as the FirstTaste!

On August 18th Gizmodo had a newsflash about Shake Shack‘s new menu offering called “Surf N’ Shack.” Only available for a limited time (8/17-9/20) at certain New England Shake Shack locations, we were fortunate that one of them was the nearby Chestnut Hill Shack. We got there right at their 11AM opening time…just a step ahead of the lunch crowd! Whew!!!



We got in line, ordered the Surf N’ Shack, and sat ourselves down to await its arrival with much anticipation. Our patience was tested for a few minutes until the buzzer came to life. We had the lobster and burger creation in our hands.



OK…that first bite was pretty amazing, but more importantly, so were all of the subsequent bites.

We expected the lettuce to be crisp, tomato slices fresh, and the burger to be cooked perfectly…and they were. However, the quality of the lobster was outstanding, “fast food joint” moniker notwithstanding. The lobster chunks were firm, succulent, and had lots of flavor. The mayo was tasty, contributed additional richness, but did not cover up the texture of the lobster. This creation was GENIUS!


BTW, the Surf N’ Shack was head and shoulders above the lobster roll available from McDonald’s. However, it was not as good as the one from Green Harbor Lobster Pound!


Today is the last day the Surf N’ Shack will be offered. We will be sad to see it disappear from Shake Shack’s menu. We hope they will bring it back next year at the START of Summer and leave it up there all Summer long!

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