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iPad Photo App Simulation

The updates to the iPhone SDK are coming faster now that Apple is gettting closer to the iPad release date. Version Beta3 came out a few days ago. As expected, it contained a bunch of code changes that fixed various things in the framework. The most visible update is the working Photo app in the iPad simulator.

Like the Photo app on the iPhone, this is an image viewer, not an editor. In the real app, images will be loaded via iTunes. In this simulation, the only way to do it is via the “Save” function of the iPad Safari app.

As an image viewer, the Photo app has some simple features such as view, delete, group, etc… It is also has the mechanism by which users can set the desired image as the background of the device. We won’t go into any details here as it is meaningless to discuss unless done using a physical device.

The Photo simulation functioned as expected. Developers looking to to quickly load a bunch of images directly in the Photo app can place them into the Photo simulator folder in the file system. We were unable to create multiple albums using the simulator. It is unclear whether the failure was due to us or a limitation of the current version of the simulation.

We are hoping to stop playing around with the simulators and get back to learning more about the SDK today.

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