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Slow Cooker Cookbooks

The RainyDayKitchen folks have been making dinner in the Cuisinart PSC-400 slow cooker for a few weeks now, and after half a dozen different soups, they have familiarized themselves with the machine and are now looking to expand their slow cooker repertoire.

After some research, we found a series of slow-cooker cookbooks with recipes that looked really delicious. The author, Lynn Alley, specializes in traditional foods from around the world. Ms. Alley has taught cooking classes around the world, contributed food-related articles for magazines such as Fine Cooking and Cook’s illustrated, and has written cookbooks, published by Ten Speed Press, of which three are specifically for slow cookers:

There were dozens of recipes for things we expected (soupsstews, etc). However, there were also plenty of recipes for dishes we would have never considered for a slow cooker (ribsdesserts). We are excited and eager to give them a try. While many of them are meant for everyday, quite a few of the recipes looked good enough to serve at gatherings and fancier events.

We are particularly looking forward to trying the various stew and chili recipes. Some of the desserts are also quite tempting. Of course, the first thing we are going to make is the Korean-style ribs. We never pass on ribs 🙂

Who knew that a slow cooker could be so versatile. We will make a few from each book this Winter and will report back on what we think of them. Look for the write-up before the next Superbowl.

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