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Art and Science: The Pythagorean Theorem

Fabian Oefner’s TED talk (Thank you Angelika Fretzen!) about science and art reminded me of something I had started a long time ago, but never finished…

Some may know that I am always on the look out for interesting patterns for stained glass projects. About 15 years ago, I came across another proof for the the Pythagorean Theorem and thought the pair (Euclid’s on the left, Bhaskara’s on the right) would be one such pattern.


I had modeled them up in watercolor and mounted it on foam core boards. They have been sitting on the shelf since! Perhaps it is time to actually figure out how to work them into a stained glass window.

Oh yeah…here is the TED talk as per Angelika…/fabian_oefner_psychedelic_science…

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