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There is fungus among us

ThreeBagsBig While these may LOOK like the corals from some of Andrew Martinez's fabulous underwater photos, they are actually mushrooms... Lion's Mane to be exact. Two of them look pretty good (large globs with tiny tentacles). The one on the far right looks a bit "off."


They have been quietly growing for about a month. I checked on them a few days ago and they appear to be ready for harvest! They are suppose to have the consistency and taste like that of lobster. The ones we had this Fall were more like that of scallops. Maybe freshly harvested ones will be different.


Carolyn spent the morning searching for recipes made a really nice dish…Lion’s Mane newburg in puff pastries with green peas! We learned a bit more about cooking this tasty mushroom with this harvest. While the dish was tasty, Carolyn and I have concluded that this mushroom is best when cooked simply…garlic, olive oil, and the mushroom cut up in large chunks.

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