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RainyDayGiftGuide 2011 : Kitchen

Waking up on Christmas morning has never been a problem, but to wake up every day with that kind of enthusiasm requires a little help. A great cup of espresso or cappuccino is a great start. For convenience and ease of clean up, machines that take pods and capsules are the way to go. Fully automated machines with integrated grinders are for those who like the freshly ground beans for their espresso drinks without the work.

However, not everyone wants push-button simplicity. Some want their beans ground to a more exacting fineness, others like their grinds tamped to a specific density, and many demand their drinks brewed at a precise water temperature. This Holiday season, we thought we would look at what’s available which could make the wishes of espresso lovers come true. There are quite a few potential candidates and after a bit of work, two espresso machines bubbled up to the top of the list:

The Gaggia Classic has a commercial style portafilter, brew group, and three-way solenoid valve. Thanks to a solid pound of chrome-plated marine brass portafilter, the Gaggia Classic’s heat stability is unmatched. By creating a virtually dry puck that is easy to knock out of the portafilter, clean-up is simple and convenient. This machine a must-have for any at-home barista and can be ordered directly from Importika.

The recently redesigned Saeco Aroma is a pump driven espresso machine built with traditional features in a sleek modern design. The Aroma is a manual espresso machine which allows the user to have absolute control over every aspect of their espresso, from the grind of the beans to the length of brew time. Order from EverythingKitchens and get free shipping with a “Best Price” guarantee…what more do you need?

Machines are great, but what to do when you are “in the wild?” Our solution is the Handpresso Wild. Small and handy, it travels with you on holiday, at weekends, on trips… With Handpresso Wild Outdoor set, the idea of being able to enjoy quality espresso goes one step further: anytime/anywhere. This elegant kit contains everything needed to make espresso on-the-go:

  • 1 Handpresso Wild E.S.E.
  • 4 unbreakable cups
  • 300ml thermo-insulated flask in stainless steel
  • 2 small napkins

The pleasure derived from making great espresso cannot be overestimated. So if you want to step back a little from the automation, then give the Gaggia or Saeco machines a try. You may find that it is a wonderful morning ritual. Yes…there are even more manual processes available, but let’s start with baby steps 🙂 Have a great Holiday!

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