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Has It Been Ten Years Already… Really???

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Happy 2016!!!

It has been ten years since we started RainyDayMagazine. Even we can’t believe it.

Our focus for the past decade has been The Intersection of Technology and the Everyday. It has been a great guidepost for us when we ventured out in different directions (RainyDayGarage, RainyDaySports, RainyDayKitchen, etc).


When we began this journey there were already plenty of websites posting press releases and product announcements. We knew we wanted to do something different so we went deeper than just talking about the product specs. We wanted to know if the new ideas had legs, whether the features were actually useful, and if the products lasted.

Our three-pronged FirstLook/FirstUse/InTheWild approach to reviewing products took longer to do, but it gave us the time we needed to see if reality matched the hype.

A decade in, technology has permeated pretty much every facet of our lives. This has made our original theme too broad for our intrepid band of RainyDayInterns. Going forward, we will be narrowing our focus and take a deeper dive into specific trends which we think have gone from merely being promising technologies to functional/useful products.

For 2016, then, the two trends we will be exploring in-depth will be: Virtual Reality (VR), and Wearable Computing. We see the two technologies as intertwined and feel that they will definitely cross-pollinate.

For VR, we are going to take a look at topics such as headsets, capturing scenes, and the user experiences, interfaces, and gear related to this new environment.

For Wearable Computing, we will focus on SmartWatches and the biometric sensors that are beginning to come on line for this space. We will also be looking at the implications for health care, smart homes, and personal fitness.

We are excited about this new approach to product reviews and hope you will continue to come along with us in our journey.

It is going to be different, but it is going to be awesome!!!

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