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Motivation : It is a mind game

More fuel for the fire

The release of the Wells report “findings” into Deflategate (still a stupid name) meant that fans and supporters of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots had to put up with a lot of unflattering headlines these past few days. Pats fans should take heart, though, in realizing that this is exactly the kind of kindling coach Belichick needs to get the fire going beneath the 2015 team.


Defending a title is never as motivating as striving to achieve it. Teams coming off a huge championship win—and none were as huge as the last-second win by the Pats over the Seahawks in the 2015 Super Bowl—can find it difficult to get past the “fat and happy” feelings of the previous season and get down to the grind of preparing for the next season. Thank you “Deflategate!” It is exactly what is needed to start and keep that fire going for the Pats.



Coach Belichick is going to take those headlines, blow them up to poster-size, and put up a different one in the locker room for each of the games. He is going to quietly remind every player that they have something to prove each and every time they step on the field. He is going to get them good and pissed off before every practice, every game, and every play.

No team likes playing New England after the Pats have just lost a game. Well, they are going to dread going up against the Pats now that they are starting off the season with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove. New England Patriots fans should not just look for their team to win their division this season, but to utterly dominate their opponents in every outing.



To the fans of the other teams, we New England Patriots fans apologize ahead of time for the Pats running up the score even though the game was over at the half. We apologize for the team playing the full sixty minutes. And we apologize for winning Super Bowl trophy #5.

Okay, we are being utterly disingenuous in our apologies to the fans of the other teams. But hey, at least your fantasy football team has a chance of winning. That’s something.

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