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Keyboard-size Folio: M-Edge

Our  post last month on using the Apple wireless keyboard with the iPad brought in both comments and questions from readers. Some were not convinced that carrying two cases was worth the effort. Others asked why bother with a case at all? Why not just toss the keyboard into a laptop bag? Surprisingly, quite a few wanted to know if there was a folio large enough to carry both.

Answers to the many of the questions are subjective, but we do have a comment regarding the last one. A few years ago we had looked at a leather folio from M-Edge which was designed to carry both the iPad and the Apple wireless keyboard. However, we had not planned on mentioning the case because M-Edge had discontinued it. We changed our minds when the interns found that Amazon still has some left in stock.

The M-Edge Method folio can carry quite a bit of stuff. It has pockets for pens, cards, and cables. It is large enough to hold a yellow legal pad or an iPad. The front cover has a pocket wide and deep enough to fit the Apple keyboard. To use, just pull it out and you are ready to get to work.

The downside of this folio is obviously the larger dimensions. When loaded up, the Method folio is about three times thicker than the typical iPad case. The real problem with this case (and probably why M-Edge discontinued it) was that the case does not zip up well when there is more than an iPad in it. What M-Edge should have done was to make the zipper wider so it will close even when overstuffed. Some retractable handles on the side wouldn’t be all that bad neither. Hey, if you are going to do it, go all the way.

So, if a full size folio does won’t cramp your style, this M-Edge case is a pretty good way to go. However, you probably shouldn’t wait too long as supplies are limited.

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