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True Value: Master Mechanic Swift Driver FirstLook

Just  when we thought there couldn’t possibly be anything new in the world of screwdriver technology, the Swift Driver from Master Mechanics showed up at the RainyDayMagazine office. The screwdriver is one of the most basic tools in the toolbox, and one of the most-often used. Because of its utility, the screwdriver has been a favorite item for those looking to create a “better mousetrap.” There are at least two reasons for the pursuit: there are a lot of different types of screws, which implies the need for a lot of different screwdrivers; and the desire to improve the physical act of driving the screw. The first reason led to the development of interchangeable tips, the second to the development of various types of driving mechanisms, both electric and manual.

The Swift Driver is of the latter type. It is a ratchet-based manual screwdriver which uses a patent-pending dual-drive gearing technology. It is both faster and more precise than what’s used by other ratchet drivers. The direction of the drive can be quickly switched with a push of the button at the head of the handle.

Master Mechanic’s 29-pc. dual drive screwdriver set includes a flexible shaft extension and multiple bit sizes for a variety of applications. Included are seven phillips, three slotted, four hex, three square, four star, and six SAE nut driver bits, and a bit case. Built into the non-slip ergonomic rubber handle is a storage compartment for carrying the more often used bits.

We like how the handle fits in our hand. The tool has a solid and substantial feel to it. The rubber is soft without being squishy. The cross hatching on the metal collar makes it easy to grip for stablizing the driver when turning it. The movement is very smooth and there was no “clicking” action as with other ratchet drivers.

We will have more to say about the Swift Driver’s performance once we have used it in a few projects around the office. Look for the FirstUse report in the Fall.

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