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Neurostimulation Headband

Brain training is not a common topic of conversation, but perhaps it should be. We exercise our body, why not our brain? After all,Who wouldn’t want to be more mindful, think more clearly, and be better equipped to engage with the world?

Brain-training is not new; various forms of it have been extensively documented throughout history.  Meditationmantra, and  chanting have been around for a long time (at least 3,000 BCE). Memory training is a bit more, um, recent, but it still dates to the ancient Greeks.

Even so, today’s humans hear “brain training” and think it means mind control. Nothing could be further from the truth.

At RainyDayMagazine, we have tackled this topic in various forms (MindWave, lucid dreaming, memory hacks, etc.), but have never had the means to “stimulate” our brain directly with an external device, until now.

Taking advantage of the time given us through mandated social-distancing, we are revisiting and diving deeper into this fascinating topic! It is going to be fun, stay-away-from-me-and-I’ll-stay-away-from-you-inspired or not 🙂

There is a lot to this topic, so RainyDayMagazine plans to explore it fully over the course of this year.

To start, we begin with a FirstLook at the NeoRhythm device from Omnipemf. Later on, we’ll relay our FirstUse experiences, and follow up with our thoughts on its effectiveness over time. We welcome readers to hack along if interested!!!


There is a lot of research which shows the brain’s ability to adjust its brainwaves to match external stimuli (relaxation, attention, depression). The NeoRhythm headband leverages this ability to encourage the brain to work at specific frequencies to achieve one’s desired state of mind.

Include in the box:

The headband is completely self-contained. The frame is free of switches or dials, but there is an LED and a USB port. The device is controlled via the NeoRhythm app, and with certain gestures. We’ll have more on that in the FirstUse article.

There is a Quick-Start guide on the inside of the box’s lid to get things going for the FirstUse (charge it up, get the app, etc.).  The interface is clear, simple, and easy to remember, but it is not something one would intuitively figure out without the guide 🙂

The NeoRhythm has five coils to generate the electro-magnetic (EM) fields. Those coils are powered by a pulse generator in the headband. Each specific dominant rhythm (controlled medium-intensity magnetic fields with a gauss range of 20-25, and accompanying lower-intensity frequencies of 2.5-5 gauss) mirror the brain’s naturally-occurring wave frequencies.

Each frequency matches a “state of mind” that is associated with specific activities. The preferred state of mind may be induced by selecting one of the NeoRhythm programs and then training the brain to match that frequency produced by the NeoRhythm headband.

Also, by wearing the headband at different places on the head and in combination with specific stimulation programs, the proper part of the brain may be directly targeted.

We look forward to seeing all this in action!

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