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NeoRhythm : FirstUse

Neurostimulation Headband

The brain is a fascinating organ.

Not only does it control all of the organs in the body, it can manipulate and modify itself based on want, not need. Weird, eh?

“Hacking the brain” was a thing long before computers were invented. All kinds of drugs were used/techniques developed to try to…enhance…the brain’s abilities experience the world.

This was totally on Star Trek.

Brain waves were discovered in 1875 and first recorded in humans in 1925, but it wasn’t until brain activities were associated with frequency clusters that people started to think that they could interact with the brain in a more controlled fashion, without pharmaceuticals.

There are five brainwave frequencies detected via EEG:

  • Delta: the lowest frequency brain waves, they are generated during deep dreamless sleep (0.5-4Hz).
  • Theta: generated during the REM/dreaming stage of sleep (4-7 Hz).
  • Alpha: occur during the resting state of the brain (8–12 Hz).
  • Beta: generated during the normal waking state of the brain (12.5-30 Hz).
  • Gamma: the fastest frequencies, generated during consciousness (25-140 Hz).


NeoRhythm has five specially designed coils that generate electromagnetic fields.

It can be positioned at specific locations on the head, allowing NeoRhythm to target the desired part of the brain. 

Setting up the NeoRhythm was very straightforward. The headband connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth and is programmed by an app. There are no buttons or switches on the device itself. Tapping the headband once activates it, tapping twice confirms the selected action.

A nice feature of the NeoRhythm is that the last program used stays in its memory,  so if you use the same program over and over (like the sleep one), you don’t need the smartphone/app: you can just activate the headband.

The NeoRhythm device leverages the brain’s frequency following tendency, and studies suggest that the brain will align its brainwaves to the beat of an external stimulus, whether the source is light, sound, or an electromagnetic field.

Published research in this area is both growing and intriguing, but the jury is still out on the claims extrapolated from the currently available body of work.

The seven NeoRhythm programs (dominant Hz, accompanying Hz) are:

RainyDay is always skeptical-yet-open-minded about new products and processes, and we were eager to give the NeoRhythm an honest try. We thought the “Improve Sleep”  program was the logical choice for our FirstUse efforts.

Also, we liked that we would be making use of our sleep time for this 🙂

We need to have a talk with the tooth fairy!


We chose NeoRhythm‘s Improve Sleep program—which runs for eight hours—each night for six continuous nights (2822 minutes) and noted the changes in our sleep.

Here is what we noticed:

  • We slept through the night (10pm-5AM) on all six nights.
  • We woke up only because the cats wanted to be let out at 5AM.
  • We easily fell back to sleep until 6AM after letting the cats out.
  • We were able to remember the dreams from the previous night.
  • We had no grogginess after getting out of bed in the morning.

None of the above had always been the case previously. Except letting the cats out…

We are definitely encouraged and intrigued by our FirstUse results.

The next tests will involve additional participants to see if they notice a change in their sleep cycle. We will also try the other NeoRhythm programs to see if we can discern any effects.

Look for more results after the Summer!!!

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