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Are you not entertained???

After an unbelievable catch by the Seahawks, less than a minute left in the game, and everyone lining up at the one yard line, who would have thought the game would end the way it did? Probably a handful of guys and they all played for the New England Patriots.




Some of us dozed off briefly listening to the post-game commentaries. When  awoke, they briefly thought that they had only dreamt that the Pats won. One was still somewhat skeptical when heading out for home.


Of course, arm-chair QBs will be calling the “mistake” of not letting Lynch run the ball into the end zone the “worst play call of all time.” But when you are playing against the Pats, you are playing against a team that redefined the term “situational football.” Also, the fact that Coach Belichick may be a Jedi Master does not hurt neither…


No more “unfinished business!!!” … and onto 2015!

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