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Google Pixel Accessories

The Best Smartphone on the Planet?

While the Google Pixel may be a relatively new smartphone, there are already plenty of accessories for the device. Some of them are specifically designed for the Pixel (cases, screen protectors), others are compatible because of either Bluetooth or USB support (speakers, headsets, chargers, etc).

As we will be testing the Google Pixel for its photographic chops, we picked two accessories we thought would be helpful:


LimeLens Smartphone Lenses

There is nothing more annoying than having to upgrade accessories just because a device has changed. We like the LimeLens approach to attaching lenses: their holders are not device-specific. We have used their lenses on an iPhone4S, an iPad mini, and an iPhone 6 Plus. We love that we will now be able to use them with the Google Pixel.


Included in the LimeLens kit are three different lens holders. They are slightly different to accommodate the various ways one might need to install the holder (vertical, horizontal) and on different devices.

Installing the holder is a simple process:

  1. Place the alignment disc in the holder.
  2. Align the disc over the camera
  3. Press the tab on the holder on the device for 5 seconds

Once the holder is secured, the LimeLens may be mounted and use.


You won’t see the Google Pixel on LimeLens’ compatibility list, probably because they haven’t had a chance to test it yet. Rest assured, holder #3 of the set fits.

Urban Armor Gear (UAG) Plasma Case

Whether to put a protective case on a smartphone is always a toss-up for us. We have been careful with our gear and have not had too many (bad) experiences with drops. Still, taking the Pixel out into the wild to stress-test its camera made us think we ought to put something on it “just in case.”


We knew we didn’t want anything bulky, but we still wanted good shock and drop protection. Having used a couple of UAG cases in the past and have liked how they performed (iPhone 6+, MBP), we decided to see what UAG had to offer for the Pixel.


UAG Plasma ICE:


We’ll have more to say about the LimeLens and UAG Plasma once we have had a chance to shoot, carry, and toss them around. Look for our thoughts on the Pixel accessories in the Spring.

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