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Philips Wake-up Light FirstUse

Waking up well is as important as sleeping well, especially if you have to wake up before first light. Research has shown that light is an essential signal which can boost both mood and energy levels. For folks who must get out of be before sunrise, the lack of morning light can make getting up difficult. While getting the right amount of sleep is still required, technology has made waking up a lot more pleasant.

In March, we posted a FirstLook of the Wake-up Light from Philips. The idea behind the Wake-up light is to gradual, 30-minute, increase in the intensity of the light from the lamp prior to the desired wake up time. At the preset time, the Wake-up Light will activate one of two pleasant sounds (birds chirping, beep) or the FM radio. So instead of being jarred awake by a sudden alarm, a person will be eased into the morning and wake up feeling calm and refreshed.

Obviously, the placement of the lamp will impact the effect of the gradually increasing light. We placed ours closer to the end of the futon and it worked just fine. The combination of light and alarm was a very gentle way to wake up. We found the controls of the Wake-up Light intuitive to use and the alarm easy to set. If we had placed the lamp on the night table, the light would also make a very nice reading lamp.

A lamp like this should be helpful to anyone who has to get up before dawn. We are certain we will appreciate the Philips Wake-up Light even more when the days start to get shorter. Fortunately, we’ll have a while before that will be the case. Look for the InTheWild write-up in the Winter.

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