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ProClip Mounting Solutions

iPhone 6+ Holder

We had written about the ProClip mounts years ago, and we still use it whenever we use our stand-alone GPS.

However, with all of the capabilities available on our iPhone, we don’t use the Navigon as much as we use Apple and Google Maps. But since we have (and use) an already-installed ProClip mount, it made sense for us to figure out how we could attach the iPhone to it.


Our iPhone 6+ is housed inside a beefy UAG case. Finding a holder for such a big case can be frustrating, and ProClip has solved that problem elegantly with a versatile design: a holder with a 14mm of slide to accommodate a wide range of enclosures, even heavy-duty ones.


Before we can use the iPhone holder with the ProClip mount in the car, though, we must first install a MoveClip accessory. This is a little plate which allows us to slip on/off different holders at will.


To attach the MoveClip plate:

  1. Loosen the screw and remove the swivel plate on the back of the holder;
  2. Peel off the backing and press the adhesive-backed MoveClip plate to the swivel plate;


  1. Secure the MoveClip plate and swivel plate together with screws (Note the side used for the screws);


  1. Re-attach the swivel plate back onto the iPhone holder;
  2. Tighten just enough such that the holder is movable, but not loose.


With the MoveClip plate attached, this project is basically done. All that is left is to check the fit of the MoveClip plate with the mount already in the car…and the fit is perfect.


The grip of the big iPhone felt very secure and tight, regardless of whether positioned vertically or horizontally. Also nice is that the ball joint allows the phone to be angled toward the driver instead of just being parallel to the dash.


All in all, we are really happy with all aspects of this RainyDayProject. The ProClip system is well-made, versatile, and has enough options to let us set up things exactly as we want.

For folks who want quality and flexibility in a mount, ProClip is the way to go!

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