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Clear iPhone4 Cases

The interns got inspired by an interesting iPhone4 DIY project they saw a while back, which we’ll discuss tomorrow. The DIY project had a drawback which the interns had to solve before moving forward with the project: they needed to find a clear iPhone4 case (which, in our opinion, would be an improvement on the original concept). It seemed a simple enough task, finding a suitable case, but it took longer than anticipated to sort through all of the options available on the market. In the end, they settled on three casesNUDE from SwitchEasyFeather from IncipioDuoShell from Marware.

All three cases were made from polycarbonate, a perfect polymer for case material. It is highly impact-resistant, easily molded, and optically clear. We picked the Incipio Feather and the SwitchEasy NUDE because at 1mm thick, they were the thinnest of the lot. Also, unlike cheaper clear cases, neither the Incipio or SwitchEasy case have any lines or mold markings marring their surfaces or edges.

Marware DuoShell’s design is a little different than the other two. It is a combination of a polycarbonate back and a semi-soft rubberized front frame. The design enables the Marware case to provide both a soft grip and rigid all around protection.

The Incipio Feather comes complete with two surface protectors, applicator card, and a cleaning cloth. In addition, the SwitchEasy NUDE also included some plugs for the headphone jack and 30-pin dock. Unlike the other two cases, the Marware DuoShellsnap-on iPhone 4 case didn’t come with anything extra in the package.

The one area which is different in all three cases was how they handled the Volume +/- and lock buttons. The SwitchEasy has indivual molded cutouts, the Incipio has one large opening, and the DuoShell has covers the the round +/- buttons and a small rectangular opening for accessing the lock switch.

Tomorrow we’ll talk more about the DIY project. The project is a fun way to give the iPhone some personality whenever you want…especially for folks who love to use their iPhones to take photos.

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