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Zackees Bike Gloves : Winter Version FirstLook

Turn Signals / Cycling Lights

Cool stuff shows up at the RainyDayMagazine office all the time. In fact, there is such a backlog that we are already scheduling into the Fall! However, every once in a while we get something that we feel is worth “cutting in line” to tell readers about, and that something is the Winter Version of the Zackees Bike Gloves.


Yes, we did a FirstLook on the Zackees gloves in the Fall and had just posted a FirstUse last month, but the Winter Zackees that showed up on Friday were so totally awesome that we felt they warranted a quick post.

To better convey the quality of the materials used and the level of skill put into the making of the Zackees Winter Gloves, we took some close-up photos of the various details:

  1. Generously padded palm area
  2. Precise stitching through out
  3. Premium efficiency LEDs with ambient Light Sensors
  4. Water resistant spandex and fleece liner
  5. Enhanced grips area on  finger tips
  6. Touch screen capable thumbs


The most obvious difference between the Winter gloves and V1.0 Zackees is that the fingers and thumb are covered. The outside of the gloves are made with water resistant spandex and the inside have a fleece liner to keep things warm. Both are important features for dealing with the cold.


The metal contact switch and the super-bright LEDs of the Winter gloves are the same as the regular gloves. As with the regular gloves, the LEDs’ brightness will adjust automatically based on ambient conditions. This is both a safety (during the day) and power-saving feature (at night).


The fit of the gloves is excellent. The fleece inside is comfortable, and we couldn’t feel any of the seams or stitching. The adjustable velcro strap at the wrist had enough slack to allow the sleeve to be tucked inside the glove, blocking out any draft or water.


The extra grippy tips on the fore and index fingers was an excellent detail, but the one feature we didn’t expect to find on the Zackees was the touchscreen-sensitive thumb. While not that useful when riding, we will probably appreciate it when trying to do a quick check for messages while waiting for the light to change. We’ll let you know 🙂


These Winter Zackees are great not just for  cyclists, but would be perfect for Vespa/scooter riders as well. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if some motorists returned to the use of hand signals just so they would have a reason to wear these Zackees 🙂

BTW, the founder of Zackees, Zach Vorhies, went to Xiamen China last year to check out the working conditions of the folks putting together the gloves. Check out the video of the trip below.

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