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Moon and Crackle Glass Birdfeeder

Winter has finally arrived in New England. The temperature scraped the low teens for a few days last week, and even dipped into the single digits over the weekend. To the delight of commuters and the dismay of skiers, snow has not made much of an appearance (discounting the freak October storm) except for some light dustings.

A few days ago, we woke up to such a dusting and mananged to grab a few quick snaps before the sun got high enough in the sky to make it all disappear. The one downside of taking shots so early was we could not get any pics with the new glass feeders sparkling in the sunlight. We had mentioned these glass feeders from the Gardener’s Supply Company in the 2011 Holiday Gift Guide. The Crackle Glass and Moon feeders are designed to keep seed dry and are sized to let birds feed from the edge or hop inside to feed. The feeders are big enough to hold a few cups of seed.

Some have inquired about how the new crackle glass birdfeeders were working out. We are happy to report that the feathery friends in the RainyDayGarden have accepted the new feeders. They especially enjoy the temporary shelter from the wind while feeding. As these feeders are made of glass, they would not survive a drop. So we made sure we hung them on thin poles thus making them inaccessible to squirrels.

Having different kinds of bird feeders make it easier to encourage a wide variety of birds to visit. While the bigger birds prefer the open perches and platforms, the smaller birds clearly don’t mind going into the glass enclosures. Come Spring, we will change the feed mix and let you know what the chickadees and finches think of these new feeders.

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