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Reviving a dead Boxster battery

Our friend Erik was right, just jumping the battery didn’t quite get it fully working again, at least not enough to restart the car after a really cold night. Looks like our Boxster battery needed a bit more “help.” This, of course, gave us an excuse to give the latest ProLogix Battery Conditioner from Clore Automotive a go 🙂



We didn’t have to actually “do” anything other than to hook up the recondtioner, pick the type of battery, and set the voltage. The unit did whatever it needed to do “automagically.” It took a day and a half (Sat/Sun) to get the battery from 0% to 100%. We hooked it back up to the car and let it sit out overnight to see if it would keep the charge.


The real question we wanted to know is will it hold a charge and start the car after sitting out all night in the 9ºF temp? Fortunately, the answer was yes as we were really hoping to get to Aikido class on Monday. It has now been two days and it still looked good. However, just to be sure, the portable JNCAir jump-starter with be coming with us in the car for the next few weeks.

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