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Kryptonite Stronghold InTheWild

Locking  things up on the streets of Boston is necessary if you want it to be there when you return. These days, the same is probably true everywhere. In 2008, we purchased a Vespa scooter to pop down to the village center. To secure the Vespa when it is parked outside the office, we installed a Kryptonite Stronghold above ground anchor into the concrete landing at the front.

Four years later, the Kryptonite Stronghold is still going strong. It is as secure as the day it was installed. The steel loop is rust-free and shiny. The NY Chain and the Evolution Series 4 disk lock have been outside right along with the Stronghold. After four years of daily exposure to the sun, rain, snow, and dirt, the lock still opens easily and the chain/cover are both in excellent physical condition.

The only thing which was a bit worse for wear is the plastic cover for the keyhole. The tab had broken off when we dropped the lock on the ground a few years back. Not being able to close the cover let water and dirt inside, but fortunately it did not appear to affect the ease in which the lock operates. The only maintenance we do for the lock is to wipe of the exterior dirt every once in a while and apply a coat of WD-40 annually to keep the mechanism inside sliding smoothly.

While we have been extremely pleased with the performance of Kryptonite’s New York Chain and Evolution lock, it is not Kryptonite’s strongest lock. Those looking for the ultimate in scooter and motorcycle protection should check out Kryptonite’s New York Legend chain/lock combo. This thing is a beast!

We have been Kryptonite lock users since the late 70’s. In all of those years, our Kryptonite locks have never let us down. The locks work, they last a long time, and they are worth every penny. If you are want to keep your stuff, lock it up with a Kryptonite lock.

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