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HeadFirst iPhone Development: Chapter 2

We were off for a couple of days getting ready for our trip out to L.A. so we ddn’t do much with our iPhone studies.  We have landed and are now sitting in a StarBucks in Mahattan Beach. Since we have the afternoon free, we decided to fire up Xcode and do a little work.

We last left off with the “Tweet it!” button hooked up and responding properly. So as far as set up, we are almost ready. The final step will be to extracting the info from the two pickers and send the data off to Twitter.

In Chapter One, we learned about IBOutlets. It is this mechanism which gives us the means to get the info from the pickers. HeadFirst walked us through the code snippets necessary to get the data, create a place holder for the extracted data, and send it off to Twitter. We were able to verify that we successfully extracted the info. Tomorrow we will create a Twitter account to test out the upload code.

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