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Auto Chic Custom Cover – Update

All-Weather Xtreme – Non Flannel

In August we posted a FirstLook of the Auto Chic custom car cover for our 16-year-old Porsche Boxster. Because we are in the city, the Boxster is out in the elements 24/7. To protect the paint, dash, and other interior surfaces from damaging UV rays, bird crap, and other debris, we have had a cover for the car pretty much its entire life. The result is the car looks great in spite of its years!

When our last car cover prematurely fell apart, we decided to look for something which would be longer lasting. After some research, the interns think they have found it with Auto Chic. After we posted the FirstLook, we got a lot of emails from readers wanting to know if Auto Chic was “the one.” After almost a month-and-a-half of use, we feel ready to post our FirstUse impressions of the cover!

Auto Chic All-Weather Xtreme – Non Flannel

Auto Chic offers covers in four different fabrics. We decided on the All-Weather Xtreme® Non-Flannel version because:

NOTE: available in custom sizes only,

The Auto Chic cover is impregnated with a a proprietary petroleum-based UV protective coating. There was a slight odor initially but it dissipated after about four days in the sun. We got it just in time as it then rained, on and off, for a couple of weeks. The good thing about all that water was the RainyDayGarden really needed it, and it gave us a chance to see how the Auto Chic cover performed in the rain.

How did the cover do? In a word… AWESOME. The water beaded up and rolled off without getting under the cover, every time. A quick shake threw off whatever moisture was still on the cover.

The elastic bands that secure the cover on the Boxster were appropriately tight, and had no problem with the 30-40 mph winds we experienced from the tail end of the storms which came up the coast these past few weeks.

This cover is the tightest-fitting cover we have ever had on the Boxster. It took us a few on/off sequences for us to realize that it went on the easiest if we started at the rear: all of the other car covers we’ve ever had started at the front, so it took a while for us to figure out the Auto Chics cover’s “problem.” Taking it off was the reverse—front first, then the rear. With that sequence, we can now get the Auto Chic on and off the car in less than 10 seconds!

BTW, the wrinkles on the rear of the cover is because this one was cut to allow for the spoiler to be extended. Those who don’t care for that should indicated so at the time of ordering and Auto Chic will be happy to accommodate the request.

The question now is how well will the Auto Chic cover do when Winter rolls around in New England? We are eager to find out!!!

FirstLook Summary

  • Excellent water-resistance
  • Very tight fit around the car
  • No flapping in 40mph wind
  • Easiest to put on from the rear

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