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FirstGrill 2010: Sponsors

Morgan Ranch and Cuisinart

This  weekend is the 5th annual  FirstGrill event. The folks here are looking forward to hosting our various guests from Providence, NYC, and Los Angeles (and of course, Boston). As with all RainyDayMagazine events, it is the perfect opportunity for our guests to get a first-hand look at some new gadgets in the RainyDayKitchen. On hand will be the new ZeroWater filtration pitcher, Soda Stream Penguin soda maker, and a couple of items from Cuisinart: Frozen Yogurt-Ice cream-Sorbet Maker(ICE-21), Electric Griddle (GR-4N). We’ll have a more detailed FirstLook at both Cuisinart items after FirstGrill, but thought we would give them a quick mention today.

The ice cream maker has a large capacity (1.5 quarts) double-insulated bowl lined with a cooling liquid that eliminates the need for ice, and a unique paddle that mixes and aerates at the same time. Cuisinart’s claim is that the combination of these two features enables the unit to crank out frozen desserts in less than 20 minutes. We plan on giving it the FirstUse test at the 2010 FirstGrill event. This new addition to Cuisinart’s ice cream maker line is not available yet, but will be in stores by June 2010.

We will also be adding a new grill to our standard lineup (WeberColemanThermos). The grill is the Cuisinart Griddler, a unique 5-in-1 design that handles many of the common grilling and griddle tasks like pancakes and sausages, grilled cheeses, steaks, and hamburgers. The Griddler is definitely not your father’s George Foreman grill.

We served Wagyu Beef from Morgan Ranch at our 2006 FirstGrill event and the reaction was incredible. This year’s guests will be happy to know that the amazingly delicious beef from Morgan Ranch will once again be on the grills!  Located in Burwell, Nebraska, the Morgan Ranch sits in the heart of the Sandhills. With its abundant grasses, perfect climate, and plentiful spring-fed streams, the region is widely recognized as among the best cattle-producing areas in the world. In 1992, at the urging of many of Morgan Ranch’s Japanese customers wanting ever finer quality meat, they introduced its first Wagyu herd to their operation.

Kobe beef refers to cuts of beef from the black Tajima-ushi breed of Wagyu cattle, raised according to strict tradition in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Kobe beef is world-renown for its exceptional marbling, smooth texture, and rich taste. We will be serving ribeyestriploin,  sirloin (filetbavettes,  tri tips), and burgers. The meat arrived yesterday via FedEx. it is being slowly defrosted (48 hrs) now and should be perfect when it is time for FirstGrill.

Even though it was 40º yesterday in Boston, the forecast is for 75º this weekend. We are looking forward to hosting our guests, testing out the new gear, and a delicious kickoff to the 2010 grilling season.

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