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FirstGrill 2015 – Morgan Ranch and Tony’s Market

Global and Local

We love to grill. We are also quite particular about what we put on our grills. When we do grill meat, we have found none better than those from Morgan Ranch. They offer the best and tastiest available, from anywhere. RainyDayMagazine is very excited to again feature their American Wagyu beef at this year’s FirstGrill.


What is Wagyu beef? Here’s a good explanation, but  the short version is that Wagyu beef, commonly known as Kobe beef, is prized for its exceptional marbling, smooth texture, and rich taste. For anyone who loves a good steak but doesn’t eat it that often, there is really no reason to have any other kind (yes, it’s pricey). Prepping is simple and should be done according to their suggestions. Trust us on this 🙂


For burgers and sausages, we have a local gem called Tony’s Market, a wonderful little Italian-goods shop in our neighborhood. Antonio DeBenedictis, owner and operator of Tony’s Market, has been serving the Roslindale and the surrounding ‘hoods since 1963. Fresh sausages are typically made—by Tony—once a week on Thursdays. However, they have gotten so popular that Tony said he now has to make them twice a week just to keep up with demand.


We stopped by on Wednesday to chat with Tony and to put in our order for the weekend’s FirstGrill event. He assured us that he would have everything packed and ready for us, as he gets in at 6AM every day!  Just to be sure, we also picked up a few pounds of sausages so we can do a grill “test run” today 🙂


We’ll have a write-up of FirstGrill after the event. Come back next week to check out what our guests thought about the Fuego Element grill, the gear, and the food. You may find something useful for your “first grill” of the year!

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