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  • On Vacation :-)

    We will be on vacation for the month of July. Some of us are off to Oxford for three weeks, others will be… well, we don’t really care (probably why taking a [...]
  • RDG Spring 2018 Summary

    New England paid for its mild Winter last year by getting hit by four (4) Nor’easters this year, with THREE of them in the month of March! While we didn’t get [...]
  • Urban Safari: Spring in Boston

    Los Angeles may have wonderful weather all year around, but we prefer the joy of the few perfect Spring and Fall days in New England… Castle Island (February) February [...]
  • FirstGrill 2018: The Event

    The annual FirstGrill gathering gives us a chance to test out new gear (sous vide immersion cookers, ice tea maker, new BBQ sauces, etc) and offerings from local butchers. [...]
  • Moving to Mint Mobile

    Like you, we see web ads every d@mn day for stuff. Ads like “Get our thingy-bingy for next to nothing!” and “Free free free free free for ever and [...]
  • Boxster Spring Prep 2018

    The month of March was absolutely insane, whether-wise. While we didn’t get a ton of snow, we had to endure three and a half Nor’easters in four weeks. We could [...]
  • Refilling SodaSteam CO2 Cartridges

    The intern’s recent success with refilling the 1-lb propane canister emboldened them to seek out other “empties” around the office. They noticed a lot of [...]
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Adlens Adjustable Eyeglasses FirstLook

by Wan Chi Lau in Gear & Gadgets

We got a lot of interest in the Superfocus (FirstLook, FirstUse) eyeglasses when we reviewed them three years ago. The Superfocus (formerly TruFocals) glasses worked [...]