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  • Home Fitness Gear : Preview

    Gyms and other workout spaces have been shuttered for more than ten weeks because of the pandemic. Irregardless of the more cavalier members of some political class, the [...]
  • Face Masks : FirstLook

    It used to be that wearing a face mask was uncommon/unusual/unexpected. Because of COVID-19, though, face masks have become a necessity until an effective biological solution [...]
  • Dragonfly Lamp : FirstLook

    There is no doubt that LEDs have changed the world of lighting for ever. Energy efficient, long lasting, and compact. Those features make LEDs a great replacement for [...]
  • NeoRhythm : FirstUse

    The brain is a fascinating organ. Not only does it control all of the organs in the body, it can manipulate and modify itself based on want, not need. Weird, eh? [...]
  • Crio Bru : FirstBrew

    The RainyDayKitchen folks have looked at a lot of coffee-related gear over the years, tasting all kinds of coffee products and trying all different ways of making coffee. So [...]
  • Unaccompanied Minor: Sky Trakr

    This Spy Trakr is an RC (remote control) vehicle. I am going to split this review into four sections – the good and bad of the RC vehicle itself and the good and bad of the [...]
  • LifePro Pulse FX : FirstLook

    Our RainyDaySports folks are well acquainted with foam rollers, massage roller sticks, and cold therapy for reducing aches and pain, whether they be from a vigorous [...]
  • NeoRhythm : FirstLook

    Brain training is not a common topic of conversation, but perhaps it should be. We exercise our body, why not our brain? After all,Who wouldn’t want to be more [...]
  • Unaccompanied Minor: Fitbit Charge 3

    Today we will be looking at the Fitbit Charge 3. It is a small and compact wrist device with an adjustable band. A few cool features about the Charge 3 is that it can track [...]
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Adobe DMP Tools: Fast & Furious

by Wan Chi Lau in Development Environment

Adobe recently announced that the beta period for their Digital Magazine Publishing tools will end in June. This means that the free tools we used to create the 2010 Gift [...]