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  • Face Masks : Airpop Active

    Face coverings are an indisputably important tool in helping to slow the spread of COVID-19 and other air-transmittable diseases. After almost a year of the pandemic, [...]
  • Skill Board : FirstLook

    We did FirstLooks for two balance trainers (Devebor and TerraCore) when the at-home market started gaining traction. We continued using both when the pandemic hit, and they [...]
  • YES WorldWatch V7 – FirstLook

    RainyDayMagazine comes across cool and interesting items all the time. But every so often, we see something that is not only unique, but has been created with real drive and [...]
  • Angle Pro Sharpener: FirstLook

    Everybody knows a dull blade cuts less efficiently, but not everybody is aware of how treacherous a dull blade can be. Dull blades–because they don’t have as [...]
  • Boxster Project : Oxygen Sensor

    It’s not that the RainyDayGarage guys like doing their own repairs (OK, they do), and it’s not that they mind paying for work that requires expertise [...]
  • CBD Living : Tea Collection

    Some of us at RainyDayMagazine are martial arts practitioners, and know that bruises and aches are just part of the path. In 2016 we posted an article on CBD ointments for [...]
  • Meade ETX-60 Accessories

    The RainyDayInterns picked up a Meade ETX-60 telescope this past Summer and have been playing with it ever since. The little scope is pretty capable for what it is—a great [...]
  • No-Kill Holiday Feast

    We don’t remember exactly when the switchover happened. Our Thanksgiving feast were as traditional as anyone else’s. But the RainyDayKitchen folks—with the [...]
  • DIY : Ohm N2 Subwoofer Restoration

    We purchased a set of Ohm speakers (two satellites, one 8″ subwoofer) circa 1979. The units, while functional, had some components which had begun to deteriorate and [...]
  • DIY : Ohm N2 Driver Repair

    We purchased a set of Ohm speakers (two satellites, one 8″ subwoofer) circa 1979. The units, while still functional, had some components that had begun to [...]
  • DIY: Ohm N2 Subwoofer Refinishing

    Ohm Acoustics was one of the first companies to design speaker systems with the tweeters and subwoofer housed in separate enclosures. This design made so much sense, as bass [...]
  • Smart Sports Watch RoundUp 2020

    Some people wear watches for fashion, others for function, but no one can deny that the watch’s dominance on the wrist has been replaced by the smartphone in the [...]