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  • EDC2017_Pkgs

    EDC Gear: Spring/Summer 2017

    RainyDayMagazine’s Gear&Gadgets section has been reviewing EveryDayCarry (EDC) items for a long time.  EDC isn’t just for DIYers, handymen, and the [...]
  • Fagor_SoupWLadle

    Fagor LUX multi-cooker : FirstUse

    I know what you’re thinking: What the…duck…is a Fagor? Well, technically there is no such thing as “a Fagor” since that is actually the name of [...]
  • ExoCamera_TelescopeLensOn

    EXO Labs : Camera On C6

    The RainyDayScience folks got a digital camera from EXO Labs four years ago. While EXO Labs couldn’t make a long term go of it, they did make an excellent product, [...]
  • kobalt_worksurface

    Kobalt Stainless Steel Tool Chest

    We have been searching for a smaller mobile tool cart to complement the large tool chest we acquired back in 2009.  After searching for way longer than we thought we [...]
  • Fagor_FeatureImage

    Fagor LUX multi-cooker : FirstLook

    The RainyDayKitchen folks are no strangers to slow-cooker cooking, but have no experience in making food with a pressure cooker and are intrigued with the possibilities. [...]
  • BabyOasis_All

    BabyOasis: FirstLook/FirstUse

    The womb is a very loud, noisy environment, but the sounds heard within its cosy confines are consistent. Once born and away from all that, the new aural environment is [...]
  • Eufy_ExtendedCool

    eufy Lumos A4 FirstLook

    Halogen desk lamps give off a nice, bright light. However, the bulbs can get REALLY hot and can even start a fire if they come too close to the wrong thing on a desk. So [...]
  • Lumos_LEDsFrontBack

    Lumos LED Bike Helmet – FirstLook

    We still have the first helmet we ever used (back in the 1970s): the iconic hard-shell Bell helmet. The outside of the helmet has a hard plastic outer shell, mostly to [...]
  • HowToDraw_All

    How To Draw Cool Stuff

    The RainyDayInterns love it when we review creative gear, whether the gear be for drawing, painting, or designing new user interfaces. It is true that we have been more [...]
In the spotlight

No Flash

by Wan Chi Lau in Development Environment

Flash, Adobe’s proprietary technology, is not supported on the iPhone, and neither will it be on the iPad. This lack of Flash support has been quite the topic of [...]





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