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  • TrayvaxContour_MoneyAndCards

    Trayvax Contour : FirstLook

    Trayvax was started in 2013 by Mark King to make wallets. Trayvax’s offerings have expanded to other personal items (belts, keychains, and the like), and not [...]
  • IceTeaAndBrewer

    Harney & Sons: Master Tea Blenders

    July means Summer, and Summer means Iced Tea! Today, we are going to take a look at some amazing flavors created by the master tea blenders at Harney & Sons to make [...]
  • EDC_Summer2017All

    EDC Gear : Summer 2017

    The standard Summer garb at the RainyDayMagazine office is t-shirts, shorts, and sandals, so any EDC (Every Day Carry) gear we wish to have with us must either be [...]
  • FirstGrill2017_Ribs

    FirstGrill 2017: The Event

    The grilling season has officially started at the RainyDayKitchen! We got FirstGrill 2017 going this year with five full racks of pork ribs, flavored ten different ways, [...]
  • FirstGrill2017_SponsorsAll

    FirstGrill 2017 – Sponsors

    RainyDayMagazine’s annual FirstGrill event is coming up. This yearly celebration of grilling is one of our most popular gatherings. It gives us a chance to: test out [...]
  • Soyabell_All2

    Soyabella Soy Milk Maker : FirstLook

    Soy milk is delicious, but making it can be a chore, a long, time consuming, slightly messy chore. Buying prepared soy milk is much simpler, but the  cost can be startling. [...]
  • AppleCharger_NegWireSoldered

    DIY: Apple Charging Brick Repair

    The Apple charger has a design flaw which makes it possible to break the charging cable if one is not careful with handling it (ahem). The cable can flex against the [...]
  • EDC2017_Pkgs

    EDC Gear: Spring/Summer 2017

    RainyDayMagazine’s Gear&Gadgets section has been reviewing EveryDayCarry (EDC) items for a long time.  EDC isn’t just for DIYers, handymen, and the [...]
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Summer Reading List

by Wan Chi Lau in Brain Hacks

Summer is a great time for relaxing on the beach and catching up on some reading, or in our case…some listening. To readers looking for amusing detective stories, we [...]





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