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  • QOR360 Active Chair : InTheWild

    Like a good mattress, an active chair is essential for proper body maintenance. We made the switch from the Aeron to QOR360’s Ariel chair more than a year ago and have [...]
  • RDG Spring 2021 Summary

    It surprised us to realize that is has been a few years since we updated readers on the status of the RainyDayGarden.  While the interns have been moving things about, [...]
  • DRNXMYTH : FirstTaste

    When we first wrote about how easy it was to make Old Fashions at home using Proof Syrup and bourbon, a few RainyDayReaders reached out to let us know about these [...]
  • QuietOn…serious “shhh” tech!!!

    Last Fall we did a round up of SleepTech gear. The collection generated a lot of offline conversations about pandemic stress, sleep disruptions, and related topics. Not [...]
  • Post-COVID Outing : Gear Preview

    Now that everyone at RainyDayMagazine has had their 2nd COVID vaccine shot, we are starting to reemerge and reconnect with folks we had not physically seen in a year. Even [...]
  • Questar : Axial port astrophotography

    The Questar Standard 3.5″ telescope is probably the finest production telescope of its size in the, um, cosmos. Old and new units are equally prized by owners the world [...]
  • Derby Day at RainyDay

    To celebrate the 147th Run for the Roses, RainyDayMagazine hosted a small gathering complete with mint juleps, fancy hats, and vegan-friendly tasty bits. This was our first [...]
  • Angle Pro Sharpener: FirstUse

    The knife motto in the RainyDayKitchen is: Be sharp and be safe. Those who know knives know this to be true. Those who do not know this will learn it the hard way, likely [...]
  • The Very Good Butchers…indeed!

    RainyDayKitchen has been getting a lot really interesting reader-suggested plant-based meats, which came in after their recent posts on plant-based burgers (Beyond Meat, [...]
  • Awesome Old Fashioned Anyone?

    The Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail and a favorite for many at RainyDayMagazine. The basic Old Fashioned recipe is: Ingredients: 2 oz American whiskey (bourbon or rye) 1 [...]
  • Levitating Moon Lamp

    The surface of the Moon has been studied, photographed, and explored in ever increasing detail since someone first looked up on a clear night a long long time ago. "When the [...]
  • Plant-based Burgers

    Plant-based burgers have been a staple in the RainyDayKitchen for a while now. We have eaten vurgers (what?) offered by many brands, but the three that consistently make it [...]
  • Face Masks : Airpop Active

    Face coverings are an indisputably important tool in helping to slow the spread of COVID-19 and other air-transmittable diseases. After almost a year of the pandemic, [...]
  • Skill Board : FirstLook

    We did FirstLooks for two balance trainers (Devebor and TerraCore) when the at-home market started gaining traction. We continued using both when the pandemic hit, and they [...]
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iPad Human Interface Guidlines

by Wan Chi Lau in iDevices

Dramatic changes in user interface design has happened only a few times in personal computing history. The most notable one was when the interface went from the command [...]