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  • OYO Personal Gym : FirstLook

    We have always been fans of the home workout, even before the pandemic forced gyms, dojos, and similar places to shut. Working out at home has a number of advantages, [...]
  • DIY : NextBolt Repair

    Nine years ago, we installed a state-of-the-art, hardened-steel, deadbolt lock with fingerprint-sensor on the front door, in response to one of the editors locking herself [...]
  • Airofit FirstLook

    The untrained (aka regular) person can typically hold their breath for between 30 and 60 seconds. With training, though, many people can do it for longer. Two minutes, [...]
  • Meade ETX-60 FirstLook

    Astronomy, in reality, is a hobbies that is a “fit” for a very small segment of the population. Sure, everyone is “interested” when there is a comet [...]
  • Home Fitness Gear : Preview

    Gyms and other workout spaces have been shuttered for more than ten weeks because of the pandemic. Irregardless of the more cavalier members of some political class, the [...]
  • Face Masks : FirstLook

    It used to be that wearing a face mask was uncommon/unusual/unexpected. Because of COVID-19, though, face masks have become a necessity until an effective biological solution [...]
  • Dragonfly Lamp : FirstLook

    There is no doubt that LEDs have changed the world of lighting for ever. Energy efficient, long lasting, and compact. Those features make LEDs a great replacement for [...]
  • NeoRhythm : FirstUse

    The brain is a fascinating organ. Not only does it control all of the organs in the body, it can manipulate and modify itself based on want, not need. Weird, eh? [...]
  • Crio Bru : FirstBrew

    The RainyDayKitchen folks have looked at a lot of coffee-related gear over the years, tasting all kinds of coffee products and trying all different ways of making coffee. So [...]
  • Unaccompanied Minor: Sky Trakr

    This Spy Trakr is an RC (remote control) vehicle. I am going to split this review into four sections – the good and bad of the RC vehicle itself and the good and bad of the [...]
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The Hundred-Dollar Tablet

by Wan Chi Lau in iDevices

Yesterday HP announced their exit from the tablet and smartphone markets. We have been having a few lively discussions online about the implications of this event and how it [...]