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  • SleepTech Collection

    Human beings sleep for close to a third of their lives. Some deeply, others…not so much. For some, their waking time is spent looking for ways to achieve “better [...]
  • Massage Gear : MyoStorm FirstLook

    Sore, fatigued muscles are a part of life for active people. At a certain point you realize that post-activity stiffness is sometimes the price you pay for using your body. [...]
  • Oru Kayak : FirstLook/FirstUse

    Since moving to New Hampshire’s Mt. Monadnock Region it’s been impossible to miss the incredible number of vehicles toting kayaks or canoes on their roof racks. [...]
  • Dynaplug Tire Repair Kit: InTheWild

    Back in May, when we swapped out the Winter tires for Summer ones, we noticed that the driver-side rear tire was pretty low. We looked but didn’t find an obvious nail [...]
  • OYO Personal Gym : FirstLook

    We have always been fans of the home workout, even before the pandemic forced gyms, dojos, and similar places to shut. Working out at home has a number of advantages, [...]
  • DIY : NextBolt Repair

    Nine years ago, we installed a state-of-the-art, hardened-steel, deadbolt lock with fingerprint-sensor on the front door, in response to one of the editors locking herself [...]
  • Airofit FirstLook

    The untrained (aka regular) person can typically hold their breath for between 30 and 60 seconds. With training, though, many people can do it for longer. Two minutes, [...]
  • Meade ETX-60 FirstLook

    Astronomy, in reality, is a hobbies that is a “fit” for a very small segment of the population. Sure, everyone is “interested” when there is a comet [...]
  • Home Fitness Gear : Preview

    Gyms and other workout spaces have been shuttered for more than ten weeks because of the pandemic. Irregardless of the more cavalier members of some political class, the [...]
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No Flash

by Wan Chi Lau in Development Environment

Flash, Adobe’s proprietary technology, is not supported on the iPhone, and neither will it be on the iPad. This lack of Flash support has been quite the topic of [...]