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  • Lumos_LEDsFrontBack

    Lumos LED Bike Helmet – FirstLook

    We still have the first helmet we ever used (back in the 1970s): the iconic hard-shell Bell helmet. The outside of the helmet has a hard plastic outer shell, mostly to [...]
  • HowToDraw_All

    How To Draw Cool Stuff

    The RainyDayInterns love it when we review creative gear, whether the gear be for drawing, painting, or designing new user interfaces. It is true that we have been more [...]
  • AlpineLabsPulse_PkgAll

    Alpine Labs Pulse: FirstLook

    We have used many different camera triggers (Yongnuo, Satechi, Cactus) both in the studio and InTheWild. Remote/wireless triggers are used for many purposes: to [...]
  • RDGSpringPrep_All

    RDG Spring Prep 2017

    This has been a crazy Winter here in New England. We got a lot of rain, a few snow storms, and some single digit nights followed by 50º plus days. On the last weekend [...]
  • GooglePixel_AccessoriesAll

    Google Pixel Accessories

    While the Google Pixel may be a relatively new smartphone, there are already plenty of accessories for the device. Some of them are specifically designed for the Pixel [...]
  • Pixel_FirstPhoto

    Google Pixel FirstLook

    While Apple may be the undisputed 800-lb gorilla in the smartphone market, over 86% of the smartphones in the world run on the Android platform. The reason is [...]
  • SOG_PkgFront

    SOG Reactor Multi-tool : FirstLook

    The multi-tool is the main piece of equipment in any EveryDayCarry (EDC) collection. Our “goto” multi-tool has been either the Leatherman’s Skeletool or [...]
  • Searing1

    Sansaire Searing Kit – FirstUse

    Sous vide is how the RainyDayKitchen folks have been cooking meat for the past year and a half. The process is simple and the results are perfect EVERY time. [...]
  • worxpegasus_pkgf

    WORX Pegasus – FirstLook

    We “unwrapped” an awesome worktable from WORX this Holiday weekend. The WORX Pegasus is both a multi-function worktable and a heavy-duty saw horse. This [...]
In the spotlight

iPad FirstLook

by Wan Chi Lau in iDevices

Now that our iPad has been unboxed we thought we would provide a quick tour of the unit and offer a few observations about the physical aspects of this device: Height: [...]





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