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YES WorldWatch V7 – FirstLook

Time...measured in ways that are important to the wearer.

RainyDayMagazine comes across cool and interesting items all the time. But every so often, we see something that is not only unique, but has been created with real drive and passion. This is the case with Bjorn Kartomten and his YES watches.

We first reviewed Bjorn’s YES watches (Zulu, Cozmo) in 2006. Those timepieces were original in their designs, uncompromising in their quality, and unparalleled in their functionalities.

Fifteen years later, with the V7 WorldWatch, Bjorn is still true to his particular vision of the art of time-keeping that pushes horological boundaries and making watches that can “present the whole picture of time.” We could not be more impressed!!!

The V7’s physical specs:

  • Titanium case and bracelet, adjustable locking clasp,
  • Sapphire crystal,
  • Tritium hour indicators,
  • Electroluminescent backlighting,
  • 46x16mm case, 22 mm lug nut width,
  • 10 ATM water resistance, and
  • Rechargeable battery.

What’s included:


The V7 WorldWatch is a substantial piece of gear. The titanium case is 16mm thick, and, combined with the bracelet, weighs in close to 5 oz. Considering its size, though, this watch is practically a feather.

Why titanium? Titanium, is a metal, known for its strength, hardness, toughness, lightness and durability. It is ninth in the list of most abundant elements in the Earth’s crust. Even though titanium has been used by humans for a few hundred years, it is still relatively expensive to extract and purify (unlike aluminum).

Being half the weight of steel for the same strength, having extreme resistance to corrosion and rusting, and being hypoallergenic, titanium is a dream material for next-to-the-skin uses like wristwatches and jewelry.

The V7 is an evolution of the previous WorldWatches. The face of the V7 is packed with indicators for the time functions tracked. The interface takes its cue from past watches such as the Solstice, Zulu, and Equilibrium. The challenge is offering the right combination so reading them is intuitive.

At the tip of the physical hand and around the internal 24-hr ring are tubes of tritium gas, rather than luminescent paint. The tiny glass tubes filled with the tritium gas glow constantly and have a half life of 12 years. While tritium is radioactive, it is not harmful in the form or quantity found in these watches. The advantage of using these tubes is that they are always “on.” The drawback to them is that they will eventually need to be replaced (after a few decades).

There are a two bracelet options (3-link and 5-link) with two choices of  finish: silver-tone, and black ion plating. The one that appealed to us for the V7 is the 5-link matte silver-tone version with a locking clasp.

There are many watch clasps, buckles, and closures out there. The one on our V7 is a push-button deployant clasp. This type allows the hand to be able to get through the band of the watch. It then locks in place with a hook-type latch. It is a very secure design, but it can add bulk to the band. The V7 one lays flat and does not pinch or snag.

Each WorldWatch is individually numbered on the back. The contacts for recharging the internal, replaceable, lithium battery are also there. While the internals of this watch is accessible via the back cover, we won’t be “going in” to take a look any time soon 🙂


The V7 offers variety of customizations: bracelet and strapsbezel style/color, and finish. We went with the 5-link bracelet, the tan leather straps, and black diver rubber straps.

To help with switching the bracelet and straps, quality tools are included with the accessories. We are particularly taken with the pin extraction tool. It is a precision unit and a welcome addition to our collection watch tools.

The Symbol bezel came already installed our V7. We also thought the Orange 2400 insert would be an interesting possibility should we want a change of pace in the future. Both rings would pair well with the bracelet and bands. One thing to note is that these inserts are made of aluminum. With care on removal, they could be reused, but they are not intended to be swapped in/out on a whim.

An internal, rechargeable, custom-made battery system runs the electronics of the V7. An overnight charge of the battery should provide approximately three months of power, and its expected life-span is five-plus years.

The watch is charged using a clip that attaches to the contacts on the back. The USB cable is supplied, but the AC adapter is not. We used the adapter for our smartphone, and it worked fine.

There is quite a lot more to the V7 and we’ll spend time covering them in future posts. In those articles, we’ll go into more detail on the setup, its functions, and some of the unique time-keeping capabilities of this latest and most amazing version of the YES WorldWatch.

Link to item mentioned:

The first batch of individually numbered V7s have been delivered to collectors who had pre-ordered. However, there are a few available for RainyDayMagazine readers interested in acquiring their very own YES WorldWatch V7.

Use the code RD2021 when ordering to get an exclusive and substantial discount you won’t find anywhere else!!!

BTW, about the discount code:

  • It is just for RainyDayMagazine readers.
  • Yes, this is a time-limited offer or until Bjorn runs out.
  • No, we don’t get a commission on the sale.

2 Comments on YES WorldWatch V7 – FirstLook

  1. James J Michalak // May 6, 2021 at 11:58 am // Reply

    I’m a collector with 500 + watches. This is truly a remarkable time piece. I will own one soon. James

  2. Among my watch collection is a YES WorldWatch V7. It truly displays the most comprehensive and practical horological picture with just a brief glance. The amount of horological data (both Astronomical and Man-made) that this watch is capable of displaying staggers the mind.

    The rechargeable battery easily lasts two months between charges, and would probably go to three. Then just pop it on the clip charger overnight, and you are good to go for another quarter.

    Bjorn is an absolute pleasure to deal with. Honest and reliable to a fault. There are not many watch companies in existence today where one may speak directly with the President of the company to offer suggestions for product improvement, or just to converse about the subjects of Astronomy and Horology.

    Among my collection of some very high-end German and Japanese watches, it is far and away my YES watch that receives the most wrist time.

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