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TimeQuest FireFly Triad FirstLook

Wrist watch w/built-in flashlight

A watch with an integrated flashlight is an unusual combination: flashlights require power and watches are small. Finding a way to pack enough battery power into a wristwatch to illuminate a flashlight is a difficult task. So when we heard about the Firefly Triad, we were intrigued.

The Firefly Rechargeable Electromagnetic Quartz (REQ) is first a high-quality wristwatch: scratch-resistant crystal; stainless steel bandwith an integrated locking clasp; water-resistant to 100M. Unlike any other watches we have in our collection, the Firefly also came with an AC charger and a charging stand. The stand serves as a nice holder for when the watch is not being worn. The Firefly is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery. The charging mechanism is via electromagnetic induction. Li-ion power cells are used in laptops and electric vehicles because they have a high power-to-density ratio, which is helpful when you want maximum power in the minimum amount of space.

We have seen this type of charging method before (LuauCandela), but not with something this small. Like all induction chargers, no actual metal-to-metal contact is needed. Just place the watch on the stand and power will be transferred from the stand to the battery cells inside the watch via the magnetic field.

The charger works directly off of household AC power. The green LED on the base indicates it has power. The orange LEDs blink when it is charging and glows steady when a full charge has been reached. According to the directions, a full charge will provide approximately one month of power.

The watch’s LED has two illumination modes. The dial illumination mode lights up the face with a blue light for easy reading in the dark. The flashlight mode uses the much brighter orange LEDs. This will come in handy for reading the menu at a candle-lit table or those secret documents that you have just removed from the safe of some unnamed foreign embassy. Whatever your needs may be, this watch will never leave you in the dark.

After playing with the Firefly Triad, we were hooked both on its great looks and the unexpected utility of it’s flashlight capability. The REQ charging is quick, and never having to change the battery certainly is convenient. We’ll live with the Firefly for a while and report back on how well the battery and the flashlight holds up to use. In the mean time, go check out the Firefly and other cool watches at TimeQuest. You may also decide it is about time you “saw the light.”

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