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Unaccompanied Minor: Illumiseen LED rechargeable dog collar

Today I will be reviewing the Illumiseen LED rechargeable dog collar.  

This item is really important when you go on walks with your dog at night. It is helpful in case you lose control of your dog and he/she starts running away.  If you have this LED dog collar, you will be able to see them and cars as well as other people will see them too. It comes with a charger cord.

It’s very comfortable for your pet and you can adjust it easily. It is lightweight which is great for dogs because it doesn’t bug them. The light is very bright and will last for 5 hours for every one hour of charging.

There are multiple modes- A rapid flashing mode, slow flashing and a steady lit up mode.  To change between modes, you just press a button.  I really like this product because it allows me to see my dog and if I ever lose sight of him I can just look for the very bright light.

There are six colors available and there are six sizes. I got the royal blue color because I think it stands out more in the dark and it will always look good on your dog. It has a lifetime guarantee which is always great. I have no criticisms of this product and would recommend it to any dog owner.

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