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RainyDayGiftGuide 2016: Gear & Gadgets

Have fun shopping and Happy Holidays!!!

While the weather has been unseasonably warm in New England, the Holiday Seasons is definitely upon us again. As with years past, we have gather together an awesome collection of gift ideas for our RainyDayMagazine readers. Some of our suggestions are items we have reviewed during the year, others are new but looked too interesting not to pass along, and a few are so good that we continue to recommend them year after year. Of course, the selection criteria for all categories is the same every year: they are either things we have actually used or they are things we would actually want.


Portable Sound

Voom 20 merges an ultra-compact design with full and powerful sound. The result is a conveniently portable speaker that goes anywhere. Don’t let its small size deceive you – the Voom 20 houses two powerful 8W drivers and two pounding subwoofers for sound that comes with a punch. Fill the air with Holiday sound wherever you are.


Want to give something even more portable without give up sound quality? WRiSTBOOM actually sounds GREAT!!! Rich, high quality sounds in a very small speaker… it’s kind of hard to believe. WRiSTBOOM conveniently connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Have someone on the list who is all business? Plantronics has you covered with the Voyager 5200 BT headset. It offers reliable call clarity—especially outdoors—from their exclusive WindSmart® technology and cutting edge, adaptive noise cancelling.

VR Gear

Now that almost everyone has a smartphone, the sleeper gift item for 2016 maybe VR goggles. Contrary to what some vendors may want you to believe, you don’t need to get a VR headset made specifically for your smartphone. We have two that will work with most smartphones out there, even the larger ones like the iPhone 6+!!!


Sculpted of soft, lightweight foam that fits comfortably to the contours of every face, the goggles are durable enough to be tossed into a backpack, taken on the go, and shared among friends. The Merge VR Goggles are compatible with nearly any iOS and Android device from the last two years.


Instead of just a VR headset with universal compatibility and focus/distance adjustments, the Tzumi DreamVision also features built in control pad, microphone, and stereo earbuds. This means a more immersive VR experience right out of the box without the need for any extras.

Smartphone Photo/Video Gear

We all know that most photos taken today are done using smartphones. While the cameras and lenses on the phones have improved tremendously over the years, they still struggle with some photo situations. A lot of folks have tried to solve the problem with software. However, a better solution may be an optical one.



LimeLens has taken a fresh look at attachable lenses for smartphones and tablets. Inside the case are two lenses (Wide/Macro lens and Supreme Fisheye lens), three LimeClips (will fit over 70 devices), lens cleaners, instructions, and alignment disc. Give a creative tool to allow anyone to capture truly great photos.

Those looking to take better videos with a smartphone may want to consider adding a multi-axis stabilization system to their toolset. A stabilizer will enable smoother and steadier shots, whether you are a pro or just shooting for fun.


WenPod has units designed specifically for smartphones and GoPros. Both units have tilt control, a comfortable grip, and a removable battery. The smartphone gimbal (SP1+) has a clamping system which will work with units as large as an iPhone 6+. The GoPro gimbal (GP1+) even has a built-in LCD screen.

Creative Gear

With the right apps, one can finger-paint on touch-sensitive tablets and smartphones. With the right tools, one can transform them into portable digital canvases for the creative types.


Experience the full power of the iPad with the Bamboo Fineline 2. This precise and comfortable smart stylus helps capture and shape ideas on an iPad – whether one takes notes, sketches or is just doodling.

For the creative pro, the Intuos Creative Stylus 2 from Wacom can help bring it to life. It’s ergonomically designed with a thin pressure-sensitive tip that lets the user draw, sketch and paint on the iPad with the intuitive and natural feel of pens and brushes.


Sensu Brush is a capacitive painting tool for digital artists. Unlike a stylus, it delivers an authentic painting experience on the tablet or smartphone not possible any other way. The brush truly shine when used with drawing and painting apps such as Fresh Paint, ArtRage, Sketchbook Pro, Paper by FiftyThree, Zen Brush, Procreate, Finger Painter, and SketchTime.


Made from high-tech Zirconium Oxide, Slice ceramic blades are known for their hardness and durability. They last up to 10x longer than steel, and thanks to their unique manufacturing and sharpening process, they’re safer to hold and use compared to traditional metal blades. Perfect for crafters, creative pros, or just everyday uses.


Looking for stocking stuffer ideas? Just about everyone needs chargers, cables, and adapters. We have assembled a nice little collection that are not the run-of-the-mill. Enjoy!


SnapPower’s easy-to-install, sleek, and energy-efficient design safely transforms the outlet coverplate into a convenient USB charger or a night light. It requires no wires or batteries and leaves all outlets free for use! Probably the easiest DIY on the planet.


Nomad has designed three ultra rugged charging cables from the ground up and built them from military-grade materials like Kevlar and ballistic nylon, so they can keep up with today’s mobile lifestyle.


The Ultimate Solar Charger features two high efficiency solar panels for quick charging and a built-in 10,000 mAh battery that will charge an iPhone five times. Dual USB ports with quick charging function. Rugged and water resistant for outdoor use – the ultimate companion to charge digital devices on the go.

NOMAD sought to create a family of leather cases that were both protective and elegant. To do so they rely on the heritage of one of America’s oldest tanneries, the Horween Leather Co. of Chicago. Horween’s renowned, unadulterated and vegetable tanned leather develops a patina over time, creating a handsome case with a character that is unique.


Want to give something that is truly original? Give the iPin Spatial Ruler! It makes the iPhone into a quick measuring tool. No complicated calibration and getting the measurement is now easier than ever.

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