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Trayvax Contour : FirstLook

The coolest EDC wallet in our collection!

Trayvax was started in 2013 by Mark King to make wallets. Trayvax’s offerings have expanded to other personal items (belts, keychains, and the like), and not surprisingly, all are made with the same attention to design, detail, and quality. As you can see from the photo below, we have three of Trayvax’s offerings:

Mark’s wallets are designed to withstand the toughest conditions, are built from premium materials, and are assembled by hand here in the USA. Today, we are going to take a detailed FirstLook at Trayvax’s newest wallet offering, the Contour (pictured).


Some people carry their life in their wallet (family photos, old receipts, public transportation card, etc.). If that is you, the Trayvax Contour is not for you. The Contour is for EDC folks: people who value having what they need, and JUST what they need, with them at all times. If you are of that mind, and are looking for a wallet, the Contour should be at the top of your list.


Sized to carry 4 or 5 cards and some paper bills, the Contour will fit comfortably in the front pocket of jeans. The metal frame gives the wallet structure and will block RFID scanners from pulling personal info off the cards.

Contour Specs:


Our Contour came set to comfortably accept four cards and some bills, but it can be adjusted to fit up to 8 card and 10 bills! To fit more cards into the wallet, just loosen the bolts on the metal frame and adjust the three leather straps accordingly.


The anchor for the clasp is adjustable to accommodate the number of cards and bills to be carried. The easiest way to get the “fit” correct is to put the cards and cash into wallet, loosen the post, and slide it until the strap can easily reach the post without it sliding off of it once hooked.

NOTE: Trayvax does supply a hex key and a few extra bolts with the wallet just in case, but we always prefer to use our own tools 🙂


Moving a card out is done with the simple flick of the thumb. Accessing the bottom card can be a little bit of a pain as there is no way to get at it directly. However, with just a few cards, if ordered by the frequency of likely use, it is not really that big of a deal in practice.


We have used a lot of different wallets, but the Trayvax Contour may be the only one we will need from here on out! It will definitely outlast them all. If you don’t have kids, you should have some just so some day you can pass this wallet on. It is REALLY that well made.


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  • Trayvax (BTW… if you use the code “rainyday10” at checkout, you will get 10% off the order!!!)

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