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OffGrid Tools – FirstLook

"Hey you zombies, get off my lawn!!!"

EveryDayCarry (EDC) means different things to different people. For some it means multi-tools, keychains, and pocket knives. To others it means multi-purpose axes that, aside from their usefulness for everyday tasks, could fend off zombies after the capital-A Apocalypse (not that we’re not judging).

We have looked at enough of the former, so today, we are going to take a look at the latter!!!


Off Grid Tools

The OGT guys make some pretty unique tools that are fairly handy for chopping wood, pulling nails, and/or opening a beer. Ok, they might be overkill if we got them for opening beers, but certainly not if you are out in the wild when a mighty mighty thirst o’er takes you. One of them even has a combined “gas shut-off wrench/bottle opener.” It’s like MacGyver was their industrial designer (because sometimes even he runs out of paper clips and toothpaste, you know what I’m saying?) Also, look at ’em! Who WOULDN’T want one…for absolutely no currently-existing reason whatsoever???


Both OGT axes are made of 1055 carbon steel and have:


The Trucker’s Friend has a long shock-absorbing rubber grip and yellow fiberglass shaft, making it perfect for splitting wood, prying nails, chipping ice, and finding it in the dark. The Survival Axe Elite has a glass-reinforced nylon handle and thirty features, wrapped in one tool.


Integrated into the handle of the Survival Axe Elite is a replaceable, locking 6″ blade with a thin kerf that will cut metal (and everything else). Its other tools are:


These awesome axes are not something you will find anywhere else except from Off Grid Tools. They are made in the USA and are guaranteed for life. Human life, that is, not zombie life.

Yes. You are now officially out of excuses not to buy one. BTW, we should have the FirstUse review of the OGT axes after Labor Day.

Off Grid Tools

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