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EDC Gear: Update 2017

We posted a FirstLook at the beginning of the Summer of some new EDC gear. We have received numerous queries on some of the items, especially the SurvivalStraps for the Apple Watch and the Trayvax Contour. Now that we have had a few months of use with both, we thought we would give our InTheWild thoughts about them, plus a few other EDC items.


Apple Watch Straps

When we first installed the Survival Strap band on the Apple Watch, it was a little stiff and we had a bit of a problem attaching the ends together. Our version had the stainless steel screw pin, but then we think we would have had the same issue with the Clevis pin. However, after a few days, the straps softened up enough so that the on/off operation was much more natural.

Having worn our Apple Watch with the Survival Straps for a few months, we can say that this strap is definitely our favorite from our collection. We like the unique look and the beefy feel. The black/orange color combo is not too bad neither 🙂 Of course, the Survival Strap folks will make them in any combo you want.


Quiver Notebook Pen Holder

One of our favorite EDC item is a moleskine notebook, which has been made infinitely better since the addition of the Quiver pen holder. We have gone through a stack of the notebooks, but our first Quiver is still with us after seven years. The leather and marine-grade threading used in the making of the Quiver really stands up to use! We cannot say enough good things about this superior product.


SOG Reactor Multi-Tool

We have been switching back and forth between the SOG Reactor and the Leatherman Skeletool. While we still love the stainless steel Skeletool, the Reactor has earned more frequent “carries” because it is smaller and lighter, but just as functional.

Trayvax Contour

The Trayvax Contour has been THE wallet of choice since we first loaded it up. The color of the leather has deepened a bit from hand oil and the like. It has also picked up a few nicks, which only add to its character. We find the Contour is able to hold its content securely, keeps the cards well protected, and yet allows them to be easily removed for use.

Anker E3 Portable Charger

The Anker E3 portable power pack, with 10,000 mAh/36Wh (output: 5V, 2.4A), is powerful enough for charging up smartphones, tablets, and a bunch of our other gear. We don’t go anywhere without it.

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