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Urban Safari : Arnold Arboretum Fall 2013

The two times of the year when the Arnold Arboretum is at its most spectacular are Spring and Fall. As this spot is just a few miles from the office, we try to drop by as often as we can. The weather on Wednesday was beautiful and we had some free time before lunch, so we stopped by for a stroll. The timing was perfect as the Fall colors were on full display!

Everywhere we turned were spectacular bursts of color. However, taking photos of Mother Nature’s largesse was tricky. Drifting clouds constantly shifted the light and made the dramatic scenery unpredictable. One second a tree would be brilliantly back-lit, the next it would fade back into the crowd. We were glad we had our Fujifilm X100S with us, as it made capturing the moments as natural as looking at them.

Having had the X100S since April, we now have a much better sense of the camera and its controls. The EVF and user-friendly placement of its dials enabled us to quickly compensate for the constantly changing lighting conditions, all the while maintaining our focus on framing and composition. Priceless. Enjoy the gallery below.

So if you are in Boston and can’t get up to Vermont or New Hampshire to see the Fall colors, don’t fret. Just take a short drive over to the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain. Just don’t wait too long. Winter is coming!!!

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