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Tom Bihn SuperEgo FirstLook

We got turned on to Tom Bihn bags many years ago. Over that time we have had the pleasure of using quite a few different models. We took them with us on vacations, on business trips, and general excursions around town. However, the one bag which has gotten the most use was the Ego. We did a FirstLook of the Ego back in 2008 and it has been used daily by one of our editors since. After four years, the Ego looks almost as good as the day we got it. Quite amazing considering all we’ve have put it through. So when we needed a larger laptop bag for our “new to us” 17″ Macbook Pro, we knew it was probably best to pair it up with Tom Bihn’s new SuperEgo.

Both Bihn SuperEgo bags

Like the Ego, the SuperEgo is large messenger bag. This style of bag is popular with the folks here because it can easily be configured to carry whatever is neededfor the day (camera, video camcorder, papers, etc…). With the addition of the padded Brain Cell, the bag can be quickly transformed into a super-protective laptop carrier. Call us crazy, but we have carried two 15″ MBPs and an iPad in the Ego. Try doing that comfortably with any other bag!

Side and Front SuperEgo

The secret to Tom Bihn bags’ toughness and durability is the quality of the workmanship and the materials used in their construction. The SuperEgo is no different. This bag was built to last:

  • 1050 denier Ballistic nylon exterior: 2X abrasion resistance of 1680 denier fabric
  • U.S. 500 denier Cordura® lining
  • Tough #8 and #10 YKK® Uretek® splash-proof zippers.

Besides using superior quality parts and materials in building the bags, Tom Bihn is the only vendor we know of with bags which are designed and made in the U.S.A. We don’t mind that one bit.

The SuperEgo is a great example of a piece of gear which has evolved through real-world user experiences. There are lots of compartments, pockets, and special touches in a Tom Bihn bag. However, these additions are all logically placed, unobtrusive, and easily accessed. Under the front flap, on both the right and the left, are YKK® #8 Uretek® splash-proof zippered pockets that are accessible with the flap open or closed. On top of these zippered pockets are two open-top wallet-sized pockets. All zippered pockets on the Super Ego have strong, easy-to-grab zipper pulls. On the side of the zippered pockets are small stretch-mesh pockets with an open top that are great for storing pens.

Behind the front flap and pouch is the zippered main compartment. The layout is a well-considered design because it enables us to get to the laptop without having to futz with the main flap. The compartment is HUGE. Definitely big enough for the 17″ MBP. While the Super Ego is the only Bihn bag large enough to accommodate the 2XL Brain Cell, designed for large 17″ laptops, there are nine other smaller BrainCell which will work with the SuperEgo to give a custom-fitted to smaller laptops.

As we mentioned, we have had a lot experience with Tom Bihn bags. What is amazing is that we have never had a bad experience with one. Nothing has ever failed, ripped, or torn with any of them. Our advice when shopping for a Tom Bihn bag is to buy the one you really want, because you will have it for a good long time. Don’t get us wrong, it won’t be the last Tom Bihn bag you will WANT, just the last one you will NEED.

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