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Snow Day at the Arboretum

Yesterday was too nice to spend inside so we packed some camera gear in our Kata sling and trekked on over to the Arnold Arboretum. We love the Arnold Arboretum. It is an amazing resource and a treasure for the city of Boston.

The last time we were at the Arboretum in the winter was during the December stormin 2008. It was practically white-out conditions, but people were nevertheless walking about with their dogs. This time around the storm had already passed, the sky was blue, and a foot of new snow blanketed everything is sight. Many of the trails were not accessible without without snowshoes or cross-country skies.

The trails being difficult to navigate did not deter those who came to sled down the dozens of slopes throughout the grounds. The temperature was in the high 20s, which was cold enough to make the sledding fast and fun, but not too cold that staying out was uncomfortable.

If you are in Boston and getting tired of all the snow, take a drive over to the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain. Walk around, relax a bit, and remind yourself that you would pay good money for a day like this when the dog days of August roll around.

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