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HyperIce Compression Wrap: FirstLook/FirstUse

Recovery and Movement Enhancement Tech

Heat and ice are both helpful in the treatment for sprains, bruises, and other injuries. Most folks know that heat applied to the injured site will increase circulation, which promotes healing. Applying cold later on will reduce pain, bring down inflammation, and thus restore movement; HyperIce’s Cold Compression Wraps are designed with those objectives in mind.

We are going to take a closer look at HyperIce’s Utility Compression wrap in this write-up.


We chose the Utility wrap because we wanted something that was 1) small enough to keep in our bag and 2) designed so that it could be be used on various parts of the body (wrist, elbow, knee, ankle, etc).


There are some unique features to all of HyperIce’s Cold Compression wraps:


The wide opening made it easy to add crushed ice into the bag (in our case, freshly fallen New England snow). It also make it easy to invert and dry out the inside of the bag before putting the wrap away.


At the center of the HyperIce wrap’s cap is a pressure-relief valve. Pressing the valve will allow excess air to be vented from the ice cell to provide a custom fit. A very clever feature.


While designed for wrapping around smaller body parts, with a bit of tugging, the Utility wrap did fit around the knee, even over jeans. The thin skin of the ice cell was really effective in allowing the body heat to melt the ice, forming a cast around the area of contact. Even with jeans on, the cold was able to penetrate effectively. Excellent!


Walking around with the Utility wrap was also not a problem.  No, you can’t run with it on. But, because the neoprene wrap is stretchy, there is enough “give” to move with the body when the body is, uh, perambulating. This detail is a big advantage over other type of wraps.


Besides the Utility wrap, HyperIce also offers these purpose-designed cold wraps:

  • Knee – 3mm premium grade compression neoprene with plush finish;
  • Back – Non restrictive design allows for greater range of motion;
  • Shoulder – For the athlete that throws, swings or strikes.

So whether you want a wrap specifically for a body part or something more general, HyperIce has you covered. Add one to your gym bag today so you’ll be ready should/when you need it.

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