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SoWa Open Market

We  have been fans of the SoWa Open Market since we first attended their Holiday show back in 2004. It has been great to watch them grow and get better year over year. This year the organizers of SoWa has added a few more offerings (Farmers MarketFood Trucks) in addition to the collection of “not your average” vendors.

The SoWa Farmers Market offers a variety of locally grown produce and specialty foodproducts from the New England area. The addition of these vendors not only create a more enjoyable shopping experience, they also contribute to a sense of community within the SoWa neigborhood. Excellent move!

To satisfy the hunger from all the walking about, SoWa Open Market now hosts a rotating group of food trucks. On our visit, every truck had a healthy line. If would be nice if there were proper places to sit and eat, but most didn’t seem to mind and just made dowith the sidewalk.

In the same area as the SoWa Open Market is the new SoWa Vintage Market. The vendors for the Vintage Market are selected by Stephanie Pernice and John Warren. Since everything for the Vintage Market is housed inside the historic brick warehouse, they will be open every Sunday…RAIN or SHINE.

The market offers a variety of items both vintage and antiques, mid-century modern, and industrial. One will find fashion and jewelry created by SoWa artists as well as unique furnishings and accessories for the home local craftsmen.

If you are in Boston this Sunday and are looking for a different shopping experience, head down to SoWa for the Open Market. Wear comfortable shoes and bring an appetite. You will not be disappointed.

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