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Greenway Open Market

The  Greenway Open Market is a new weekly open-air arts and crafts market along the new and lovely Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston (which used to be a double-decker major highway until they dismanteled it and put it underground). This past Saturday was opening day, and it could not have been a more beautiful one.

We have not been to the Greenway area in a while and were pleasantly surprised by what has been done. It is an awesome series of public spaces connected by parks, walkways, and gardens. Every Saturday during the Summer there will be vendors all along the Wharf District Parks selling their wares. The variety ranged from handmade jewelry, handbags, metal-work, paintings, photography, to ceramics and designer accessories.

When we go to these open markets, and we have been to quite a few, we always try to find something we have never seen before. Sometimes we would find a pottery maker, a glass worker, or a wool shaper with a unique take on their craft. Other times we would discover something entirely new. Of all of the tents we visited at the Greenway (and we visited them all) our favorite was Little Hero Capes. The creator of this awesome superhero garb is Allison Faunce. Her mission is to “empower imagination and create real world heroes!” Definitely stop by and check it out.

If you will be in, around, or visiting Boston this Summer, check out the Greenway parks, run through the Rings Fountain, and if it is a Saturday…go visit the Greenway Open Market. You will surely find something original for yourself or for that someone special!

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