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SleepyPod CraterDot

The floors of the RainyDayMagazine office are solid maple hardwood. Maple stands up well to foot traffic and we certainly have our fair share of that. However, some find it less comfortable as a sleeping surface. The people at SleepyPod have the perfect solution for this problem. They know that cats love defined spaces. Put a piece of paper on the floor and a cat will soon settle on it and our intern Eliot is no different. SleepyPod created the Crater Dot for owners (and employers) who want to provide a comfortable lounging area for their furry friends (and interns).

The Crater Dot’s soft plush center is made of polyester, is attached via velcro, and lifts easily for cleaning. The Crater Dot’s base is polyester fabric over a moulded foam form contoured to provide both cushioning and support. Underneath the base is a pocketwhere a Warmer Kit may be installed. There are two Warmer sizes and either will work, but medium size Warmer will warm the entire plush area.

The advantage of something like SleepyPod’s Crater Dot is that it has been “feline-tested” and approved (as well as thoughtfully designed and well constructed). Of course, cats are funny creatures. One never knows what they are thinking. They will sleep in one spot for a few months and will move to a new spot somewhere else for no apparent reason.

When we put out the Crater Dot, Eliot came to check it out right away. He dug his big paws into the fuzzy cover, checked out padded frame, and gave it the critical “nap test.” The initial FirstUse results were promising. We’ll let you know the final InTheWild verdict after a few months.

If you are looking to create a soft patch in your hardwood world, the Crater Dot may be exactly what you are looking for. Eliot now has a new comfy spot to nap and watch over goings-on in the office. As we are actively looking for a new intern to join the crew, Eliot is taking full advantage of the Crater Dot now. He knows soon he may have to share the CraterDot with a “coworker.”

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