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Massage Gear : MyoStorm FirstLook

Work it! Sore muscles, that is.

Sore, fatigued muscles are a part of life for active people. At a certain point you realize that post-activity stiffness is sometimes the price you pay for using your body. But as great as a long, hot bath feels to those overworked muscles, a faster recovery would give you more time to do what you love, physically-speaking.

RainyDaySports has looked at a lot of recovery gear in the past (Triggerpoint, PulseFX, HyperIce, etc), but something new arrived at the office which had us intrigued…a heated vibrating massage ball!


It has been well established that high-penetrating vibrations that trigger myofascial release can enhance the body’s ability to regenerate itself and  shorten the recovery cycle. The MyoStorm Meteor enhances this by adding heat to the mix. 

  • Vibration – 3 settings
  • Self-heating – 120ºF
  • USB rechargeable – 2 hrs

The Meteor is 4 inches in diameter, weighs 1.5 pounds, and has a textured, rubberized TPU coating. It is comfortable to hold and easy to grip

The Li-polymer battery (2600 mAh) takes 2 hours to fully charge, but lasts for 90 minutes at the highest vibration setting + heat (120ºF). 

The controls are recessed and require a firm press to activate, so there is little chance of the Meteor turning on accidentally packed away or in transport. Also, the heating function can only be selected after the device had been switched on…a nice safety measure.

The shell of the Meteor can support up to 300 lbs of weight, enough even for NFL linemen.

There are three different vibration settings and one heat setting, selectable by repeatedly pressing the control. There is button for vibration and a button for heat. On our first try, it took about 15 minutes for the Meteor to reach 120ºF. While not a problem, it is just a point to note when planning the recovery protocol.

We’ll compare the MyoStorm to the two other spherical tension relievers we have in house and see how they compare.

No, it’s not a really a fair fight, but hey…you know the saying, “…don’t bring cold balls to a massage-off!” Yeah, we made that up.

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