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LifePro Pulse FX : FirstLook

Deep Tissue Muscle Massager for Therapy, Pain Relief & Recovery

Our RainyDaySports folks are well acquainted with foam rollers, massage roller sticks, and cold therapy for reducing aches and pain, whether they be from a vigorous workout or just from sitting on our @sses all day in front of the computer.

The latest in post-workout recovery is the percussion massage gun. No doubt that they are the new-and-therefore-popular item, as everyone wants one. As our readers know, though, we don’t go out and review every item under the sun: we’ve found it a waste of time/effort and not informative for our readers. What we do instead is wind up the interns and let them loose on researching. Based on their findings, we review only the one or two that are worth checking out.

The interns started this particular research mission at the beginning of the year and they are back with their recommendation: the LifePro Fitness Pulse FX Percussion Massage Gun.


  • Lots of features – Multiple heads, rechargeable, long run time, etc.
  • Variable power – 1800, 2400, 3000 rpm
  • Low noise – 60 db
  • Lifetime warranty

Pulse FX

What’s in the box:

  • PulseFX Vibrating Massage Gun
  • AC charging cradle + adapter
  • 5 massage attachments
  • Molded carrying case

The grip of the PulseFX allows a comfortable hold regardless of position. The location of the switch makes it easy to change speed at will.

The head of the PulseFX can be set to three different angles relative to the grip. The angles, in combination with how the unit is held, enable the user to place the vibrating head exactly where it is needed.

Five different percussion heads are part of the package. Each is designed for a specific type of treatment or target:

  • Absorber: for low-impact treatment around tender or bony areas.
  • Bullet: targets problem areas and releases muscle knots.
  • Round: provides a gentle, oblique impact.
  • Flat: simulates a deep tissue massage.
  • Spinal : loosens up tough back tissue and improves flexibility.

Replacing the heads is a simple operation and does not required any tools, but it did take a bit more effort than we first thought. After a few attempts, we did manage to pull it off with a slight twisting action.

The PulseFX has an internal 24V Li-ion battery which runs for 3 to 7 hours (depending on the RPM speed). The brushless motor keeps the noise level to a very quiet 60 dB. Recharging is done either by plugging the AC charger directly into the bottom of the unit or by placing it on the upright charging base. The three blue LEDs give a rough indication of the battery status.

Maybe it is because of all the workout gear we have been reviewing or maybe it’s all the sitting around, we don’t know, but there is already a line in the RainyDayMagazine office with staff members queuing up to use the PulseFX!

We’ll have more on how we like it in the FirstUse write-up.

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