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Prepping for Spring 2020: Sports Gear Preview

We are pretty sure Winter is over...

While Winter 2020 has been surprisingly mild, here in New England we know better than to count our tulips before they open. Most of us have been on the receiving end of late Winter snow storms just when we thought we were all clear for Spring.

Still, the RainyDaySports folks have started their preparations for Spring’s arrival. To that end, they have gathered six pieces of gear to help the body get ready to enjoy the longer and warmer days!

Terra-Core Fitness

We have looked at balance trainers in the past but the Terra-Core trainer quite possible may take us to a whole different level. This thing is a BEAST!

We’ll have a lot more to say about it in the upcoming FirstLook/FirstUse post, but if you can’t wait, check out the videos on the Terra-Core site.

Just FYI, you are going to want one.

  • Terra-Core Balance Trainer
  • Accessories: Exercise Poster, Pump, Plug, & Plug Extractor
  • Workout App
  • Lifetime Warranty

Zenkai Sports

Zenkai Sports’ tagline is “The Future of Activewear is here.”

If by that they mean activewear that is breathable, odor and water -resistant, and made from natural materials, then yes, the future is here right now, possibly already on your body.

Readers know we have been RAVING (almost like lunatics) about the virtues of merino wool clothing, so a few of them pointed us to Zenkai Sports, because, while their line is cotton-based, their clothing offers the same  benefits: quick-drying and odor-preventing, and multiple wearings between washes (like only after 100 miles of running) (I kid you not).

We took a look and are intrigued about their claims of their Filium Fabric technology. We’ll let you know how it compares to our experiences with merino wool.


Can a bottle cap change the world? If it can make water safe enough to drink, reduce the amount of plastic bottles ending up in landfills, and last a good long time, then maybe.

The CrazyCap2 is a tiny, portable, UV-light powered purifier that can fit many standard cola-style bottles.

  • 100% LED
  • 278nm UV wavelength
  • Rechargeable
  • Rated for 500K uses (that’s half a million) (half a million!)

We have looked at a lot of filtration devices over the years (portable, countertop, under-sink, LifeStraw), but we have never seen anything like the CrazyCap2.

Yes the CrazyCap2 can sterilize water, but it can also sanitize utensils and surfaces. Try doing that with other water filters.

More on this super cool gadget soon.


The Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle makes it easy to stay hydrated while traveling. Designed with a flexible BPA-free silicone body, this travel-friendly water bottle can be folded-up (or collapsed flat) to save on space, yet it’s as comfortable to drink from as a hard-sided bottle.

Anything we (and you) can take to keep single-use plastic bottles from clogging up the landfill is a good one.

  • Foldable hygienic design
  • Leak-proof, durable
  • Silicone, BPA-free

PATCH Bandages

When someone told us about bamboo bandages, we were like “what?” and more importantly “why?”

As it turns out, many folks are allergic to common wound care coverings (the latex and the adhesive). Who knew? If you were one of them, you did.

PATCH was born when James Dutton (the founder of Nutricare) wanted a wound care product that 1) wouldn’t cause skin reactions and 2) actively assist in wound healing.

OK, but why bamboo?

It is a natural, organic, biodegradable and sustainable resource which has the ability to promote wound recovery for even the most sensitive skin types.

Also, bamboo is a renewable resource that grows many times faster than trees, uses much less water, produces up to 35 more oxygen and doesn’t need pesticides or herbicides.

What more do you want?

PowerWatch Series 2

The PowerWatch was the first full-featured, body heat-powered smartwatch that you never have to charge, ever.

The Series 2 has been designed with improved thermoelectric generators and all-new solar-cell technology. These updates have increased the power and efficiency of the watch, which allow for new features like heart rate monitoring, full-color LCD screen, and always-on GPS.

  • Thermoelectric and solar powered
  • Full color display
  • Heart rate and sleep monitoring
  • GPS location and activity tracking
  • 200m water resistance
  • Smart notifications
  • Calorie counting

We are really excited that the PowerWatch Series 2 is now out. We have been eagerly waiting to getting a closer look at this version since it was announced last year. Now that we have one in-house, we are looking forward to put it through its paces.

We will report back later in the Spring.

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