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Unaccompanied Minor: Amazon Kindle 4th Gen

Read more without having to carry more...

Today we will be looking at the Kindle Generation 4. This is a device that you can read on.  It is nice because it is small and portable, so you can take it anywhere. When I got this I knew that this would make me want to read more. Its many features allows you to find books that you don’t have time to search for at the library or at a store, and you can adjust the print size to your liking. In addition to those features you can bookmark the last page you read and charge it whenever the symbol shows up on the corner of your screen. Another fine feature of the Kindle is that it tells you what percentage of the whole book you have read.

Something I wish could be improved is they could find an easier way to get books and not have to purchase them.  One way to get a book is by connecting your kindle to your local library if you have a card. Then you might have to wait for the book to be available. Sometimes you have to wait for a long time.  But this isn’t so much a problem with the Kindle itself.  It’s more about what they give you access to.

It is really durable but I do recommend getting a case for your kindle because it gives more protection and because it looks cool. You can choose different patterns and stuff for it. It fits on your kindle really well, with Velcro. And when you close the flap of the case it will magnetize and stay closed. It will also automatically turn off when flap is closed.

It was easy to set up. You should read the instructions before use. A few months later, it was still the way I expected it to be and I was reading a lot more.

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