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Stealtho Office Chair Wheels : FirstLook / FirstUse

Slick, Smooth, and Silent

The gas cylinder on one of the Aeron chairs in the RainyDay Office gave up the ghost recently and posted a DIY on its replacement. We got a lot of Thank You!s for that from readers who had tried and failed to replace theirs.

In addition, we received some interesting “upgrade” suggestions, one of which we thought worth mentioning: a set of wheels from STEALTHO.



The wheels on the Aeron chair are OEM and work fine, but over the years they marked up the finish of the maple floor. And instead of smoothly riding over the area rug, they typically push the edge up. We expected the  STEALTHOs to solve both problems. They did.

The upgrade consisted of two steps: pull the old wheels off, plug in the STEALTHO wheels. Done. Really.

Benefits of the STEALTHO upgrade:

  • Won’t scratch floors;
  • Rolls over rugs and cables and things;
  • Smooth and silent rolling; and
  • Eliminates chair mats.

What did we do with the wheels from the Aeron? Never wanting to waste a serviceable set of extra wheels, we installed them on a drafting chair that had a cheap set that disintegrated from use. Win-win!

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